The First 30 Days of the Eternal Youth Challenge (Faster Vids)

The “First 30 Days of the Eternal Youth Challenge” Product

eternal youthHey, thanks so much for purchasing the “First 30 Days of the Eternal Youth Challenge” product. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I hope these videos create miracles for you :)

All videos are now loaded and available for you to tap along and begin manifesting miracles in your life and your relationships!!

To purchase now go here:

You can also contact me to pay another way (such as postal money order). To encourage full commitment (which is how you’ll see the greatest results), all Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable.

Day 1 – Introducing the Eternal Youth Challenge

Erika Awakening introduces the Eternal Youth Challenge. Tap along with Erika to clear your skepticism and fear that “it won’t work.”

Day 2 – Clearing Psychological Reversal about Eternal Youth

Day 3 – Clearing Limiting Beliefs from Encyclopedias and Other “Authoritative” Books and Resources

Day 4 – Clearing the Belief that “It’s Not Possible”

Day 5 – Releasing Our Attachment to the “Seasons of Life and Death”

Day 6 – Letting Go of the Belief that “It’s Too Good to Be True”

Day 7 – Clearing Feelings of Inadequacy about Our Ability to Create Eternal Youth

Day 8 – Releasing the Fear that It is “Taboo” and “Forbidden” to Ask for Eternal Youth

Day 9 – Feeling Worthy of Eternal Youth

Day 10 – Letting Go of Fears about How Powerful We Really Are

Day 11 – “I am not a body, I am free” (Releasing our Identification with the Body)

Day 12 – Clearing the Belief that Death is “Inevitable”

Day 13 – Releasing Ourselves from the Blocks the Ego Imposed to Prevent God from Helping Us

Day 14 – Letting Go of Our Fear of Death

Day 15 – Releasing Ourselves from Vows We Made with the Ego to Die

Day 16 – Clearing Fear of an Ego Backlash to “Punish” Us for Asking for Eternal Youth

Day 17 – Erasing Our Fear that This is “Not Working”

Day 18 – Releasing Fears About Returning to Love

Day 19 – Clearing the Egoic Disconnection from Source

Day 20 – Opening Our Heart Chakra Even More!

Day 21 – Releasing Ourselves from Our “Loyalty” to Death

Day 22 – Clearing Anger

Day 23 – Releasing Ourselves from DNA and Environmental Factors

Day 24 – Letting Go of the Ego’s “Shell” (False Identification with the Ego)

Day 25 – Invoking the Power of the Goddess Tara

Day 26 – Opening the Microcosmic Orbit

Day 27 – Releasing Ourselves from Guilt

Day 28 – Freeing Ourselves from the “Law” of Entropy

Day 29 – Embracing Polyamory

Day 30 – Death and Taxes


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