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How to Make Money as An Erika Awakening Affiliate – Earn 40% Commissions Now


A fundamental principle of Erika’s Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) system is that everything in life can be win/win. In that spirit, all members of this site automatically become affiliates.

On your personalized affiliate page, you will find your affiliate links and tools that you can use to send in an email to your list, publish on your website, on Twitter, on Facebook, or just to your friends and family.

Currently we’re paying out 40% one-time commission on products and memberships. (Recurring commissions are available ONLY to our active Gold members who participate regularly on our forum at, as detailed below.) This means your TAPsmarter membership can pay for itself FAST, and you’ll be helping your customers, friends, and family, by sharing the life-changing HBR system with them.

A few guidelines to keep in mind:

1. There are no affiliate commissions on coaching services because these require my personal time to fulfill. We pay commissions on audio/video memberships and product sales.

2. We also do not pay commissions on any “off the menu” items that are personally negotiated between me and a customer or client. Example: if I give someone a free meditation set or free informal email coaching as part of a custom package that includes a product, there will not be any commissions paid on that. If I set up a customized payment plan or special discount with an individual customer, there will not be commissions. And so forth. This is simply because when I am using my personal resources and/or time to create the value that is being paid for, it would be unworkable for the business as a whole to pay commissions on those specially arranged payment plans and packages. Thanks for your understanding about this.

3. As is industry standard, we don’t pay commissions on self-referrals, and this applies even if you sign up under a different email address. We correct mistakes in the system before paying commissions so if this happens a credit may show in your account that is not actually yours. Please understand we don’t pay those.

4. To earn commissions, the sale (includes “free” products) must come in under your link. We have many affiliates with overlapping audiences, and there is too much guesswork to be reassigning commissions after the fact. We have enough experience with this system to know that it tracks reliably. Please be assured if they find the site through your link and purchase (including if they just look now and buy later because they will get “cookied” to you), you will get the sale if you are entitled to it. It takes too much time and energy to be reassigning commissions after the fact, so please trust the big picture. In some cases, you may offer to someone 15 times and then they purchase through another affiliate’s link. You don’t get the sale. Disappointing, I understand. But remember it’s just as likely to work the other direction, so please trust that it will all work out in the big picture!! Thank you :)

5. We offer RECURRING commissions ONLY for active Gold members who keep their membership current (no lapses, please) and participate regularly on our forum at, or by special arrangement with Erika Awakening. This is a VERY generous program with high payouts so you MUST meet all qualifications. To qualify for recurring commissions:

a. You must post on our Forum at at least six times per month. You must have posted at least six times for three months prior to and including the month in which recurring commissions are earned. One-liners do not count. Each post must be at least 10 lines of text to count toward your six per month. I was reminding people about this and I’m not going to do that anymore. You are responsible for actively engaging on the Forum and tracking your posts to make sure you meet the minimum every month.

b. Your six qualifying posts per month must be in the PUBLIC section of the forum. Posts in the members-only section – while very welcome and encouraged – do not count toward the six.

c. You MUST be an active Gold member for at least three months prior to and including the month in which you earn recurring commissions (that’s four months total). We wish to have an active, fully engaged, and consistent community. If you are not yet a Gold member, you can join at

d. The cap on recurring commissions is $1000 per lead. This means that sales to your leads after the $1000 threshold is reached will not result in commissions. The only exception to this by special arrangement with Erika Awakening, which I will consider in cases of very consistent and high-producing affiliates. If you have any questions or want to make special arrangements with Erika, please ask. Even with the $1000 cap, this program continues to be one of the most generous in the industry.

6. You can use your affiliate commissions as credit toward Erika Awakening products, and in fact that is what most of my affiliates choose to do. Whereas cash payouts will only be made 60-90 days after the sale, I often will let you use credits earlier. You can find the latest products and offerings at Contact me if you wish to apply your credits to products.

7. Affiliate pay-outs will happen about 60-90 days after the sales to ensure that any mistakes were corrected and sales are all final before paying you. So … please be patient, and if you have any questions about how things work, feel free to ask me through the Member/Affiliate support portal.

These terms are SUBJECT TO CHANGE and for the viability of the overall program, changes will not be “grandfathered” in, so please check back here often.

To Your Success,


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General Affiliate Tools (Use Anytime)




Coming Soon: banners that can be placed on your website. When people click through, you will receive credit for sales for customers you refer to Erika Awakening.

Email Copy for Your List, Friends, Family, and Colleagues


We suggest that if you are emailing your list for the first time, you send these emails in order approximately 3-7 days apart.
Email Choice #1 – For friends/family

Dear friend,

I want to introduce you to a life-changing program I recently found and joined. Erika Awakening is a life coach who specializes in the “toughest cases” … she helps the people who tried everything else and nothing worked for them.

She has developed a program called Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), which is the FASTEST known method for transforming any and all areas of your life, solving your problems, bringing you social and financial success, and launching you on your “dharma,” or unique life purpose.

I joined this program to [insert your personal story here – your friends and family will respond better to this than pages of explanation about the program].

Please take a moment to browse the incredible resources and programs [hyperlink to your affiliate link] that Erika Awakening has available.  I especially recommend [your favorite program]. I took a huge step in my personal development by joining her website…and I hope you will do the same!

Your name

Email Choice #2 – For colleagues/clients

Dear [name],

I just joined a website so life-changing that I HAD to share it with you.

Every person desires improvement in their life, but many of us get stuck and don’t know how to realize our full potential, whether it be in relationships, our career, financial stability, etc.

Erika Awakening has developed an incredible system called Holistic Belief Reprogramming [hyperlink to your affiliate link], which is the FASTEST known method for transforming any and all areas of your life, solving your problems, bringing you social and financial success, and launching you on your “dharma,” or unique life purpose.

I have been a member of her program and website for just a short while, and already I have seen an impact in [share a personal statement here].

I strongly encourage you to visit Erika’s website [hyperlink to your affiliate link] and see what she has available.

Your name

Email Choice #3 – Product based

Dear [friend],

My life has changed. Seriously.

I was in the midst of a big life transition. [Share personal story about why you joined Erika’s website – to find your life purpose? To develop stronger relationships? Etc.]

I really want to encourage you to just try out Erika Awakening’s program. She has developed content and resources that have changed my life, and I know they could change yours, as well.

Here are some easy ways to join this program and see what Erika has to offer:

• The Bronze Membership [hyperlink to your affiliate link] is the perfect introduction to this life-enhancement system. It’s an extremely affordable way to start realizing the power of Erika’s revolutionary Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) program.

• The Introductory 7-Day Video Tutorial [hyperlink to your affiliate link] gives you an incredible look into the power of tapping and the HBR program. This is a great tool because you can apply Erika’s instruction here to ANY issue you’re facing in your life right now.

• Erika’s Abundance Class [hyperlink to your affiliate link] is one of her most popular programs – it helps you to discover and eliminate the subliminal thoughts that are actually BLOCKING you from realizing true financial abundance and business success. This is an audio session, so you can go at your own pace.

I truly hope you will check out these resources…I know you can receive the empowerment and success you desire through them!

Your name

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Affiliate Campaigns for New Releases and Special Promotions (Time-Sensitive)

Here I’ll list special affiliate tools that you can use during a campaign or promotion and increase your affiliate sales! Be sure to check back here often for updates.

Current Promotion

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