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Cutting-Edge Erika Awakening EFT Tapping Products and Services – REVOLUTIONARY Products and Services that Produce Huge RESULTS

Take advantage of years of experimentation and tens of thousands of dollars that Erika Awakening invested to create her revolutionary Holistic Belief Reprogramming self-empowerment system.  Holistic Belief Reprogramming is an advanced and highly effective version of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping).  We offer EFT tapping for money, EFT tapping for weight loss, and much much more …

Here’s What One of Erika Awakening’s Customers Has to Say About These Products

How to Attract Money

“You absolutely get your money’s worth with Erika’s products. Everything I have purchased has exceeded my expectations. If you are consistent you will get results.”

– Elaine

Check out the full program catalog below, chock-full of innovative ideas and super-effective techniques that you will not find anywhere else. We have so many powerful Erika Awakening EFT tapping products and services from which to choose! The holistic healing system Erika Awakening teaches in these programs is the best on the planet for getting you out of the struggle and into the life of your dreams.

EFT Tapping for Money: Are You Ready to Manifest An Extra $50,000 Now? Want More Love, Affection, Sex, or Free Time In Your Life?

Now you can!! This is the spectacularly successful 30-Day Abundance Challenge by Erika Awakening. 30 Days, 30 Powerful Tapping Videos Designed to Erase Your Negative Subconscious Beliefs About Abundance and Start Attracting a LOT More of What You Want, Quickly and Easily.

Tap for $50,000 NOW with the 30-Day Abundance Challenge by Erika Awakening.  (How to Attract Money.)

Now also Offering These ADVANCED Erika Awakening EFT Tapping Products and Services:

1. EFT Tapping for Money and Business Success:  Magnify Your Business Magnetism with Erika Awakening

Tap along to this powerful now-30-day Virtual Video Boot Camp to jump-start or grow your business NOW – NEW – this is now a full 30-Day program as we have added many bonus videos – (Learn More About this EFT Tapping for Money Program Here)

2. EFT Tapping for Sexual Healing:  The 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge with Erika Awakening

By popular demand from the members of this site, we now offer Erika Awakening’s BRAND NEW 30-Day SEXUAL Abundance Challenge. 30 Days, 30 Powerful Tapping Videos Designed to Erase Your Negative Subconscious Beliefs About Sexual Abundance and Start Attracting a LOT More of What You Want, Quickly and Easily.  Tap for More Abundance in Your Sex Life, Romantic Life, and Love Life NOW with the 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge.  (Find Out More About Better Sex Here.)



3. EFT Tapping for Personal Power:  The 30-Day Personal Power Challenge with Erika Awakening

Hands down the most powerful program Erika Awakening has released, dramatically shifting people out of “victim mindset” into truly owning their power. This program will amplify your results in all of the other programs many times over … Find Out More About Increasing Your Personal Power Here.



4. EFT Tapping for Relationships:  The 30-Day Heart Chakra Opening Challenge by Erika Awakening

This cutting-edge product includes 30 powerful tapping videos for removing old crappy conditioning that is standing in the way of you and your true soulmate. Plus a bunch of bonus EFT tapping videos releasing past pain about breakups and releasing fears of such things as your partner dying after you manifest him or her. So fundamentally transformational that you can expect all of your relationships to improve dramatically :) Learn More About Healing Your Heart Chakra Here

5. EFT for Weight Loss and Tapping for Weight Loss: The 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge by Erika Awakening

EFT for weight lossThis revolutionary product really works.  The 30-Day Health and Fitness Challenge by Erika Awakening includes 30 powerful tapping videos for removing what has been stopping you from losing weight and getting fit.  Fears you did not even know you had.  And the program is WORKING.  Erika Awakening lost about 12 pounds and has kept it off effortlessly for almost a year as of this writing.  Other participants are reporting even larger weight losses.  Don’t be surprised if you also get more energy, higher self-esteem, and better muscle tone.  This EFT for weight loss and fitness program is a “must have” in the collection.  Learn More About EFT for Weight Loss and Fitness Here

Please Note: We now have LOTS more awesome programs BY ERIKA AWAKENING for clearing all of your chakras and radically improving your life in every area – check out the full program catalog BY CLICKING HERE.

Also check out our Special Offers and Promotions Page by CLICKING here.

Audio Programs by Erika Awakening

Attract Abundance and Jump-Start Your Business with Erika Awakening

Learn the fundamental ideas behind Erika Awakening’s model for recreating your wealth paradigm. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, it’s a practical guide to changing your beliefs about money so that you can be far more empowered about attracting it into your life. Specific instructions and real-life tapping with class participants to help you begin making more money NOW.

Make Money Fast with Erika Awakening’s’s Audio Tap-along Tele-class: Attracting Abundance and Jump-Starting Your Business.
(Find Out More About EFT Financial Abundance Here.)

For Women: Release Limiting Beliefs about Men and Embrace the Power of Your Feminine Energy

For the women in the audience, do you find that your present-day relationships with men are colored by negative past experiences with men in your family or men you’ve dated? Here you’ll get a powerful and super-authentic tap-along tele-class where Erika guides a group of real life women to release their limiting beliefs about men. You’ll get the fundamental ideas behind Erika’s model for recreating your relationships using tapping. Be amazed how much lighter you feel after tapping along to this audio! Have better relationships with men starting right now. Learn more about this revolutionary program BY CLICKING HERE.

Introductory Video Programs by Erika Awakening

Erika Awakening’s Introductory 7-Day Video Tutorial (Tap-along with Worksheets)

This is the baseline, MUST-HAVE product if you are new to tapping or new to Erika Awakening’s HBR system. In this 7-day video program, you will learn the basic techniques of Erika Awakening’s coaching system, and you can apply them to ANY issue in your life. Whether you want more money, better health, a better social life, or more confidence, you can follow Erika Awakening’s step-by-step guidance for applying basic HBR to your issue. This is a beginner-level program.

Here’s a video clip from Day 1 of the program, where Erika Awakening explains why it’s so important to get survival needs handled early in your transformational progression:


Purchase here (introductory rate $77 … will be going up to $97 soon).

(By the way, you can hear the quaint trolley car bells in this clip, because Erika Awakening in the heart of San Francisco, but don’t worry they only go by once in a while. The videos are mostly quiet, and all of the “imperfection” is part of the perfection with these videos.)

Please make a conscious decision and commitment when you purchase this program. In order to encourage conscious decision-making and commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. (We both know you’ll get more out of this program because you made a true commitment, right?)

For Men: Anatomy of a Perfect Seduction

As a man, imagine how much more fulfilling your life will be when you can easily and deeply connect with the women of your choice.

In this video, which is more than one hour in length, Erika teaches a conference full of men a step-by-step process for seducing a woman, even if you have just met her. Erika teaches how seduction is more about who you are being as a man than it is about what you are doing or saying, but she also provides actual word-for-word phrases and step-by-step process that resulted in a successful seduction. Erika’s teachings are always grounded in ethical principles, and the focus is on authentic communication and connection and never manipulation, so after learning from Erika, you can connect with women quickly, deeply, and guilt-free.

Here’s a clip from the video, where Erika Awakening addresses one of THE biggest problems for men in the seduction community:


This three-part seduction video is being offered right now for a very limited time for the very modest investment of $97. Because of the value of the content, the price will be going up soon to $197, so I invite you to purchase today …

Please make a conscious decision and commitment when you purchase this program. In order to encourage conscious decision-making and commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. (We both know you’ll get more out of this program because you made a true commitment, right?)

Membership Program by Erika Awakening

For new, fresh content every single month (news, articles, and videos — including “tap-along” videos), please check out Get Advanced EFT Tapping Therapy Videos Now here. If you’d like to purchase now, you may do so on this page. By making a purchase, you are agreeing to my coaching policies.

Gold Video Membership

The Gold membership is a great way to learn more about Erika Awakening’s signature Holistic Belief Reprogramming method. Gold members receive hands-on video training that shows how to apply HBR to a variety of nearly-universal issues such as social fears, creative blocks, and limiting beliefs about money, relationships, success, and happiness. Follow along with the tapping videos, and watch your life change in miraculous ways. In this membership, we go way beyond “problem solving” to helping you enhance your life in every area, to realize your true social, financial, spiritual, and sexual power.

For your convenience, we offer three levels of Gold Membership: Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. As a bonus, you will also receive access to the members-only section of the TAPsmarter forum, where Erika Awakening personally answers members’ questions on a regular basis.

To learn more about our Gold Membership, click here:

Get Advanced EFT Tapping Therapy Videos now

Holistic Belief Reprogramming Sessions with Erika Awakening

HBR is a one-of-a-kind holistic coaching method that, as far as we know, is the FASTEST known method for transforming any and all areas of your life, solving your problems, bringing you social and financial success, and launching you on your “dharma,” or unique life purpose.

For private coaching session options, please visit Erika Awakening coaching page HERE.

Payment plans: Yes, I will help you afford my programs with payment plans. You might find it easiest to make payment via PayPal and use their “Bill Me Later” service. This way you can get your product or service immediately and pay later. Use the “PayPal” option on any of my payment buttons to pay via PayPal and then select the “Bill Me Later” option. Alternative, you can private message me to set up a payment plan. What I need to know from you is what you CAN do – how much of a non-refundable deposit you can make, and what payments (amount and date) you can make after the deposit. It is important that you make a firm commitment to get best results.

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