Discover and Eliminate the Subliminal Thoughts

That Are Actually BLOCKING You From Realizing

True Financial Abundance and Business Success
In as Little as 5 Minutes!


  Are you dreaming about starting a new business venture but having a hard time actually getting starting and gaining real momentum?

Do you worry that it’s a TERRIBLE time to start a new business because of the economy?

Is your new business in total crisis mode and now your terrified to invest any more time and money into it?

   Maybe you’ve been SECOND-GUESSING yourself about everything you’ve been doing, the timing of your new career, your skills, whether or not people will pay what you ask for your service or product.

Dear Friend,

If any of these statements is true for you, there’s one thing I want you to understand, and it’s this: Whether or not you achieve financial abundance and true success has little to do with any of these factors, because…

Here’s the gut-wrenching truth: It’s WAY more important to change your belief system than to change what you are doing in the world.Erika Awakening

Unless you truly believe, on a subconscious level, that you CAN make a lot of money doing what you love, or that you CAN have a thriving business even in a stagnant economy, or that you have what it takes to make your dreams come true, nothing you DO will give you the results you hope for.

You’ll try, but unconsciously SABOTAGE yourself at every turn. Your failure will become a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” You’ll only achieve the kind of results that you believe – in the deepest reaches of your subconscious mind – are achievable, so if you are not 100% congruent with achieving amazing results … guess what? YOU WON’T GET AMAZING RESULTS.

So take a moment now and get really honest about the stories you’ve been telling yourself about your business, career, or financial situation.

 If you’re anything like MOST people, you’re probably dealing with things like:

You “don’t have time” to do what you need to do

You “are too deeply in debt” to move forward

You “can’t afford” to get the coaching and resources you need to move forward

You think leaving your current, “safe” situation is a bad idea

You don’t think you’re skilled enough or good enough at what you do

You are afraid investing money right now in a new venture is too risky

You don’t believe it’s possible to achieve amazing results in the midst of a sagging economy

You worry that you’ll fail and end up going through your savings

You can’t imagine having a consistent, generous income from what you want to do

If any of these thoughts sound familiar, then…

You May Feel Stuck And Utterly Helpless


But guess what? You are NOT alone!

You see, these thoughts are much more common than you realize, especially in these challenging times. But it hasn’t stopped a great many people from taking advantage of incredible opportunities and actually THRIVING in the midst of many challenges.  That’s right, there are people who are making MORE money right now than they were before the so-called recession. That’s because these successful few have found a way to overcome this psychological obstacle, and SO CAN YOU.

I want to share with you a powerful psychological technique that has been proven to help people overcome fears and anxiety and even expedite physical healing. This technique is called EFT (tapping), or Emotional Freedom Technique, and it is based on the ancient science of acupressure and modern psychology.

Then I want to show you how I took the entire science and art of EFT (also known as “tapping”) and




Already Certain That This Program is For You? Buy Now!

Please make a conscious decision and commitment when you purchase this program. In order to encourage conscious decision-making and commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. (We both know you’ll get more out of this program because you made a true commitment, right?)

Each of us lives our life within the constraints of our own personal belief system, which intersects in many ways with society’s collective belief system. Unfortunately, many people grew up in environments, or had later life experiences, that damaged their belief systems.

Based on things that happened in their lives, they concluded somewhere along the way that they are not good enough or that they don’t deserve the success they want. My version of EFT (which I now call Holistic Belief Reprogramming) is used to clear the specific memories and associated beliefs and emotions, so you can experience improvement in your self-esteem, your attitude, and the energy you’re bringing to your work. Using the right combinations of words, you touch or “tap” specific parts of your body while expressing your beliefs in order to “reprogram” what’s not working.

In almost 90-minutes, I was able to work closely with fellow “tapping” expert Kate Winch to reveal exactly how this process works…

…how you can practically download this technique into your mind almost the very first time you hear it…

…and start using this incredible technique to boost your ability to manifest money faster than you ever thought possible!

You’ll hear in the audio how each session (sometimes as short as 5 minutes) reduces the teleclass participant’s anxieties and helps them gain a new attitude and energy around their goals. The results are real and if you follow along with the demonstration, you’ll feel a difference, too.

Because what matters most to me in sharing this system with the world is YOUR RESULTS.

Several class participants reported financial breakthroughs
shortly after this 90-minute session.

One woman we worked with on the audio wanted to quit her job and devote her time to her own business.  After the work we did with her on this audio, she did!

Another woman who participated in the call had been searching for a job for months and received a promising phone call from her former employer within days after the teleclass.

One man we worked with on the audio raised a rather complex financial issue having to do with old memories from his childhood.  We began his tapping work on the audio.  After the audio, I did one follow-up session with him.  As a result of the work on this audio and ONE follow-up session with me, he conquered an entire financial sticking point completely and reported back to me later than he felt A LOT more relaxed about money after that.

If you feel financially “stuck,” suffer constant problems with motivation and follow-through because of one excuse after another, or just aren’t sure where you want to take your career, place your order now and be learning in minutes how to overcome these issues with this easy, effective technique.

You’ll learn about erasing debilitating limiting beliefs about money (and becoming SUPER ABUNDANT) right in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever is holding you back from achieving what you want, this audio will help you begin the process of uncovering it and eliminating it by showing you where these beliefs come from and why they exist.


In this life-changing 90-minute audio, you’ll also experience:


  • An easy, 5-minute technique that you can follow along with step-by-step to start the process of eliminating fear and anxiety around your goals today
  • How to release the momentum-blocking negative energy that is actually keeping you from attaining what you want. If you find yourself making excuses and saying things like, “I can’t” or “I don’t know how to” or “I would, if only things were different now…” whenever you think about things you want in your future, you NEED to listen to this audio.
  • A 6-step process for using EFT starting with you discovering the ROOT cause of why you’re stuck in life and aren’t experiencing success and abundance.
  • How to get new energy for your personal goals, business or career by stopping this one negative habit.
  • The importance of having an ultimate truth statement and how exactly to phrase it, so you can get immediate clarity on what you want out of life.
  • How to know if you’ve created a “no win” situation in your mind, so you can eliminate it from your subconscious and move forward in your goals.
  • “Spaghetti Mind” –  The reason why sometimes you’re not sure what direction to take in life or what it is you really want. This happens because you can’t program in new beliefs until you get rid of your static, OLD beliefs. Learn how to work with EFT to correctly integrate new beliefs while erasing the bad, old ones.

And the best part is that you get all this for only $49.97.


You can listen to this 90-minute recording right away on your computer after you place your order and the audio file is delivered to your inbox.
By purchasing this product, you agree to the terms and conditions. We both know you’ll get a lot more out of your purchase by making a firm commitment to yourself, right? In order to encourage conscious choices and life-changing commitments, all Erica Awakening products are NON-REFUNDABLE.

You’ll have the information and instruction you need to start implementing this technique into your life right away. You can apply it to get a JUMP START on a new business today, or bring new creativity and motivation into your existing business or career so you can attract financial abundance.

That’s right, you can actually start to manifest MORE WEALTH into your life immediately, just by changing your beliefs about money!

The cost of this recording is a small investment compared to what you can possibly manifest after listening to the audio. I’ve personally increased one of my major sources of income by 65% by using my system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), even in the midst of the so-called recession.  I’ve manifested all kinds of free support and gifts, such as a free MacBook Pro computer and iPhone from a generous friend, and all kinds of business and speaking opportunities.  Best of all — in the midst of the recession and with no entrepreneurial experience — I used these techniques to create a thriving coaching business and was able to quit my day job!

Here are JUST A FEW of the testimonials I’ve received from clients who’ve manifested abundance after using the techniques I taught them:


After the teleclass, we received this testimonial from a participant on the call:“I just got an email for a new client! ha ha ha. Was it you or Erika that mentioned the best [money] we’d ever spend?”

Another participant emailed me this testimonial within days of the teleclass:

“Hmm…my credit card is dropping fast. I’m really wondering why I have another one coming to me in the mail. Trippy. … Last week, before the call, I got a credit card I had shredded reissued. I thought that I would need it as my other card is maxed out. Now, the card I got reissued is in the mail and my other card is 25% paid off. Neat results! … The money came from tips at my job. I am more intuitively directed about what to do with the money. I definitely didn’t understand the simplicity of what is happening in my financial life. *hug*”
I have worked with many other people on financial issues, and have received testimonials like these:

“Erika is an amazing EFT Practitioner. She is compassionate, intuitive and non-judgmental. I love working with Erika, she is so easy to be with. She has really made a huge difference for me. I was feeling stuck, thinking about things I wanted to do in my business but not taking action. Using EFT, Erika helped me shift my energy, and now I am finally doing workshops, teleclasses … I had been thinking about doing these for the longest time! Thank you so much Erika, you rock!”

And another one:

“Tenant Success – Thank you! I just had to follow up with you and tell you that within days of doing tapping [doing EFT] as you suggested, I had a new tenant. Not only that, my rental management company came up with a plan for having the tenants sign a longer lease which means that I will know the place is full for a period of time. With the present economic challenges around, this is welcome and calming news for us.”

Don’t let your money-blocking, tired old beliefs get in the way of you realizing your goals and dreams!

Download your recording for only $49.97 and start listening to it in minutes:


By purchasing this product, you agree to the terms and conditions. We both know you’ll get a lot more out of your purchase by making a firm commitment to yourself, right? In order to encourage conscious choices and life-changing commitments, all Erika Awakening products are NON-REFUNDABLE.

I look forward to hearing about YOUR personal success story after you listen to the audio and try the techniques for yourself!

To Your Success,

P.S. Listen to the audio as many times as you need to. The more you listen, the easier and MORE EFFECTIVE the techniques will be for you…



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