The 30-Day Soulmates Challenge

Erika Awakening presents …

The 30-Day Soulmates Challenge (also for creating Miraculous Relationships in any area of your life)

Let me ask you some questions …

Are you tired of having unsatisfying relationships that don’t give you what you really want?

Do you look at the sky-high rates of divorce and infidelity and think to yourself, “Wow, I’m not sure I want to get married”?

Have you tried various dating and relationship products and coaches yet still are no closer than you were to having the partnership you desire?

Are you tired of dating, following “Rules,” and bending yourself into an unnatural persona in a futile attempt to attract the “right” person?

If you are fed up with dating and relationships as our society currently offers them to you, and you are ready to shift your vibration and begin attracting the love and relationships you want … effortlessly, without dating, without trying so hard, and without being forced to be someone you are not …


My 30-Day Soulmates Challenge creates transformation where it will actually work — INSIDE OF YOU. I do not teach you any tactics or techniques. In fact, I encourage you to abandon all of your tactics and techniques and “theories” about love RIGHT NOW. Because none of that is going to get you what you want.

Instead, in this program, we will systematically strip away all of the limiting beliefs, traumas, dysfunctional family relationship patterns, and everything else that is not working for you in your love life …


And what you’ll be left with is GLORIOUS YOU, as you were born to be, natural and free and totally magnetic to love showing up LITERALLY ON YOUR DOORSTEP.

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This is a virtual video training program. You tap along to these 30 life-changing videos, plus powerful bonus videos (which are included for free with the program) FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME. And then you watch your life change in all the best ways, and love and all the other good things in life start showing up on your doorstep. That’s how my unique coaching method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming, gets you the results that everyone else promised and did not deliver. (Your results in this program, of course, will depend very much on your commitment level – it’s important to tap all of the videos multiple times for maximum results.)

Here are the 30 powerful and life-changing videos you get with this program:


Day 1: Let’s Get Started


In this first video of the series, Erika introduces the 30-Day Soulmates Challenge, releasing initial doubts and skepticism that we may have about this process, and opening the gates of manifestation.

Day 2: Opening Our Heart Chakra So Our Soulmate Can Reach Us


Having more love in our lives is not something we “go out and do.” It’s something we magnetize to us. Because love is magnetic. But many of us are carrying so much cultural and family baggage that our hearts are not open, and therefore not magnetic.

Tap along to this video to release the baggage and open your heart chakra (you’ll see in this video that my cat Fritz was magnetized DURING the video – instant manifestation!).

Day 3 – Removing Obstacles and Challenges that Are Blocking Your Soulmate From Showing Up

Are you manifesting a lot of obstacles and challenges in your love life? Never quite the “right” person? The ones you want are already “taken” or live far away or have other reasons that they “can’t commit”?

These obstacles are actually within us, and the only place we can effectively clear them is in our subconscious mind. Obstacles and challenges are just reflections of our own fear and lack of alignment. So follow along with Erika in this video to release yourself from the fears and doubts that are creating difficulties in your love life.

Day 4 – Eliminating the Belief that “You Must Compromise to Have Your Soulmate”


Do you think that true love means compromising what you really want? You have to sacrifice and “meet them halfway”? Many of us were taught that love IS sacrifice. (No wonder we have been avoiding love altogether!!)

In my coaching method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), we never settle for compromise solutions. We have faith that a Higher Power always knows the perfect solution (and perfect partner) for every situation. So in this video, we release the limiting belief that we “must compromise to have love” and we clear the way for the Universe to bring us the perfect partner and situation for us.

Day 5 – Fear of Losing Your Partner After He/She Arrives


Do you find yourself holding back from exploring relationships because you are scared to lose what you have after you get it? This is a very common fear for anyone who has experienced prior loss in their life, whether through death or abandonment.

Tap along to this video to release the prior trauma of loss and let go of the limiting belief that love means loss. Cultivate a new empowering belief that a Higher Power is guaranteeing that you always get to keep love in your life for as long as YOU choose.

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All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and maximum results, and by purchasing any product you agree to the terms and conditions of this website. Thanks for your support :)

Day 6 – Clearing Your Fear of Commitment


Does the idea of having a committed relationship scare the living daylights out of you, when you are really honest with yourself? Are you worried about feeling “trapped” or “choosing the wrong person” and regretting it later? Deep down, do you fear recreating the same old yucky patterns from your family of origin and having “no escape” after you commit?

You are not alone! There are good reasons to be skeptical of commitment the way our culture has envisioned it. Anyone who observes the sky-high divorce rates knows that “commitment” is not working very well in our culture.

In this video, we clear our fears about this, and we open the path for the Universe to bring us a new and more enlightened version of commitment. A vision of commitment that will bring us joy and no more pain :)

Day 7 – Erasing Any Patterns of “Unrequited” Love (Restoring Mutuality)


Are you constantly finding yourself in non-mutual relationship situations? Either he/she likes you, or you like him/her, but never at the same time and at the same level?

This pattern, which is all too common, can be totally infuriating and frustrating, often leading to deep despair that our love life will ever be satisfying. In this video, we clear this pattern and restore mutuality to your relationships so you can enjoy balance and harmony at the highest levels in all your relationships.

Day 8 – Releasing the Belief that “My Life Will Change Too Much and Not in Good Ways When My Soulmate Shows Up”


Many people say their greatest desire is to be with their soulmate. But often this desire is being undermined by a much deeper fear: fear of change. Many of us subconsciously believe, based on past experience and our early family relationships, that love will bring pain and inconvenient changes into our lives.

In this video, we release the limiting beliefs and fears of change that are blocking our soulmate from showing up. Breathe a big sigh of relief as you realize that your soulmate’s arrival will bring with it only GOOD and HAPPY changes, after you have realigned your belief system.

Day 9 – Erasing the Fear of Stagnation (Fears about Monogamy)


Have you been blocking love from coming into your life because you secretly fear that you are going to get bored, or that your life will stagnate, especially if you commit to an exclusive relationship?

Tap along with Erika to let go of your fears of boredom and stagnation, and open the gates to a vivacious and evolving relationship that never gets stale!! :)

Day 10 – Letting Go of Fears About Open Relationships (Jealousy)


Perhaps you have considered the possibility of having an open relationship, but this brings its own fears!! What if your partner meets someone else whom he/she likes better? Will you constantly be jealous and paranoid? Will openness “water down” your relationship and your commitment to each other?

Jealousy really is never helpful. In this video, we will soothe these fears and empower you to feel secure and safe in your relationship even if it is non-exclusive.

Day 11 – Clearing the Fear of Divorce


Why get married in the first place when so many marriages end in divorce? Will a divorce undermine your financial stability and sense of safety in the world? Did your parents have a traumatic divorce that scarred you?

It only makes sense that this fear would block our soulmate from showing up. After all, our subconscious mind is attempting to protect us from all these “bad” outcomes. So it’s very important that we tap along in this video and release all these old scars and fears, clearing the path for enduring harmonious relationships that we can count on :)

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All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and maximum results, and by purchasing any product you agree to the terms and conditions of this website. Thanks for your support :)

Day 12 – Releasing the Fear of Betrayal


Are you pushing your soulmate away energetically because, deep down, you fear that being THAT vulnerable in a relationship would mean risking betrayal, abandonment, and worse?

Well, of course this fear keeps love far away from us! In this video, Erika helps you express and let go of past disappointments and pains to open the door to reliable and peaceful love NOW.

Day 13 – Addressing Fears of Having Children (or Engaging in Creative Projects with Your Partner)


Without even realizing it, you may be blocking your soulmate’s arrival because of deeply subconscious fears about having children or engaging in creative projects or businesses with your partner. If love is not reliable, and if we are vulnerable to loss of what we most love, then it may seem “not worth it” to get what we say we want.

This video provides a powerful tapping sequence for releasing these fears so that you can feel safe moving forward with deep partnership at every level.

Day 14 – Clearing the Fear of Your Partner’s Death


This is the ultimate fear, right? You have seen those movies and heard those stories … where right after the hero or heroine FINALLY, against all odds, finds true love … one or the other partner DIES. They never even get to enjoy the relationship!!

Yes, this deeply subconscious fear may be sabotaging your love life from the very beginning. It is essential to tap along to this video and clear this deep fear NOW if you want your soulmate to arrive on your doorstep.

Day 15 – Letting Go of the Negative Aspects of the Past


If you’ve had a lot of nasty breakups (or even just one!) or other major disappointments in your relationships, then you are probably carrying that old baggage with you (subconsciously, of course) into all your new relationships. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create your next relationship on a fresh, clean slate?

Of course it would! And it IS possible. Tap along with Erika in this video to release all this old yucky baggage so that your new relationship does not turn into an “unfortunate clone” of your bad past experiences.

Day 16 – Feeling Worthy of Receiving Your Soulmate


Did you learn early in your life that you don’t really deserve love? You have to “work hard for it” and “earn” it? It always comes “at a price”?

Yes, those common core beliefs are relationship saboteurs in the worst sense. And it’s time to let those false beliefs go … your worthiness for love comes from your true nature as a divine co-creator with God and the Universe. And in this video, we reclaim your birthright of being loved just for being you!! :)

Day 17 – Transitioning from “Special” to Holy Relationships


In the life-changing book, A Course in Miracles, we learn how to shift our relationships to “special” painful relationships to holy beautiful relationships. A holy relationship is created when two healed (not co-dependent) people come together to form a strong and enduring union. In this video, we make the transition to holy relationships in every area of our lives.

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Day 18 – Forgiving Our Parents for Their Mistakes


Unforgiveness of our parents is one of the number one ways to block our soulmate from showing up. The anger we hold on to against other people is a sword we hold at our own throat. So it’s time to let this anger go!!

Tap along with Erika to express and release your deepest grief, anger, and resentment about your parents’ mistakes, and easily find a more forgiving space where love (and your soulmate) can finally reach you :)

Day 19 – Releasing Past Disappointments and Pain


In this video, we continue releasing ourselves from any pain we experienced in the past. You will feel so much lighter as these layers of baggage are stripped away, video by video.

Day 20 – Releasing the Past to Open Space for Miracles


Miracles arrive in the space we open up by releasing ourselves from the past. In this video, we continue unloading past baggage, and we begin inviting miracles (including our soulmate’s arrival) to come into this newly clean and empty space.

Goodbye to the old, Hello to the new!! after you tap along to this powerful video.

Day 21 – Setting Your Sights Higher


At this point in the program, after releasing so many limiting beliefs and fears, and unloading our baggage from the past, it becomes clear that we have been setting our sights WAY TOO LOW when it comes to relationships. No wonder we haven’t “settled down” yet – who wants to settle when God wants so much more for us??

This video will help you set higher intentions for your relationships, inviting the Universe to deliver what you really want instead of what you’ve been “settling for” …

Day 22 – Releasing Yourself from Unconscious Vows that May Be Blocking Your Soulmate


Without even realizing it, in this life and even perhaps in past lifetimes, you may have taken vows that are now blocking your soulmate from showing up. These could be vows not to be vulnerable, not to love or be loved, to be celibate, and the list goes on and on …

Erika leads you in a tapping sequence that will help you uncover and release any “hidden” vows that could be barring the door to love in your life. Let’s get that door open and the sunshine (and love) streaming in … :)

Day 23 – Releasing Yourself from Family Agreements that May Be Blocking Your Soulmate


Without even realizing it, you may also have unconscious family loyalties that are blocking your soulmate. Have you made an implicit “agreement” with one or both of your parents that you will remain single? Are you the person who has to take care of everyone else so you can’t “tie yourself up” in a soulmate partnership? What other hidden agreements might be barring the door to love in your life?

Again, Erika helps you uncover and release this unhelpful and totally sabotaging agreements in this powerful and life-changing video.

Day 24 – Stepping Aside from “Dating Rules and Rituals” and Letting the Universe Handle the “How”


Have you got yourself confused and lost by listening to too many relationship “experts” and “gurus”? Are you trying too hard in your love life? Are you exhausted by going on dates and kissing “frogs”?

It’s time to get out of the way and let the Universe do the heavy lifting for you. In most cases, reading “how to” books about dating and hiring typical relationship coaches will actually make your results worse, not better. Instead, in this video, we will tap in to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe and invite It to handle the “how” for us, in truly miraculous ways.

Day 25 – Letting Go of Our Ego Identity to Make Way for Divine Union


Have you been single so long that this is now your “identity”? Would you not even recognize yourself if you were in a truly miraculous soulmate partnership?

This is a very common block to love, and in this video we ease the way to releasing our “false ego identity” so we can step into Divine Union with God and our true Soulmate Partner.

Day 26 – Forgiving Our Parents, Part 2


Because unresolved issues with our parents are the NUMBER ONE CAUSE of dating and relationship failure, we continue our healing of these primary relationships in this video. My customers are uniformly reporting that videos 26 to 28 are some of THE MOST POWERFUL tapping videos EVER. Don’t be surprised if you cry some tears in these videos. It’s okay, this is all part of this miraculous healing process!!!

Day 27 – Clear the Belief “Nobody Will Give Me Everything I Want”

If you have spent much of your life, like most of us, settling for far less than you truly desire, you may have a deep core belief that “nobody will give me everything I want” and “it’s not realistic or fair to expect so much from life.”

Well, today is the day you part ways with that ridiculously limiting belief. OF COURSE, God wants you to have everything. You are His perfect and lovable Child. So, from now on, we expect the best in all areas of life, and this video will help pave the way for your wonderful new reality!!

Day 28 – More Father and Mother Healing (Parents, Part 3 – yes it’s important!! :) )


Yes, healing these relationships is SO important that we included another ultra-powerful video for releasing anger and resentment and forgiving your parents. You may cry some tears again during this one (I did, and so have many of my customers), but afterward you will feel SO much lighter. Not only will your soulmate be another step closer to you, your relationships with your family will also improve.

Day 29 – The Mystery Video (revealed after you purchase the product)


Shhhh … I’m not giving the secret away – please purchase the product to discover this miraculous video #29 ;)

Day 30 – Gratitude and Completion Session


As with Erika’s other 30-Day Challenges (get them all – they work synergistically together for maximum results!!) … we conclude with a Gratitude Session, appreciating the miracles that we already have in our lives … and inviting and thanking the Universe for bringing us more miracles NOW.

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AND, it gets EVEN BETTER :)

In order to ensure a really thorough clearing and healing in this series, I am including a bunch of FREE BONUS videos beyond the 30 that areincluded in the primary 30-Day Soulmates Challenge. And those videos were recorded earlier, so you can get started NOW with these bonus videos and jump-start your Soulmate healing process. Here are the FIVE bonus videos that are already loaded for you:

Bonus Video #1 – Embracing Silence (as a “Good” Thing that will Lead to Miracles)

Bonus Video #2 – Healing from Breakups

Bonus Video #3 – Healing Hopeless Relationships

Bonus Video #4 – Making Age Differences Irrelevant

Bonus Video #5 – Clearing Your Remaining Blocks to Love

So you see, you get 35 ultra-powerful videos for your investment in this product, and after you commit to tapping each of these videos several times, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!! The increase in peace and confidence that you experience will be worth the investment, MANY MANY times over … and your ability to manifest what you want in relationships will be SO much higher after you commit to this program.

Purchase now and get INSTANT access to these 35 streaming videos:

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and maximum results, and by purchasing any product you agree to the terms and conditions of this website. Thanks for your support :)