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Erika Awakening presents …

The “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge

After the GRAND success of the Original 30-Day Abundance Challenge (where we tapped for a mere $50,000), probably the most powerful abundance-generating product on the market until now … with Miracle after Miracle after Miracle reported by our participants …

It became clear that it was time to UP THE ANTE. Many of my advanced EFT tapping customers reported that after they had tapped the Original Challenge, their beliefs about what was possible for them had changed so much, that $50,000 started to look like SMALL POTATOES. Whereas at the beginning of the Original Challenge, manifesting $50,000 seemed like a big STRETCH, by the time they finished the Challenge, my customers were saying, in essence, “$50,000 no longer seems like enough money to fulfill my dreams. Let’s have an advanced product that will allow us to achieve bigger financial goals.”

Well, I had the same experience. After using the Original Abundance Challenge with commitment, I manifested a brand new $50K+ car, and then manifested $50,000 several different ways. My business took a quantum leap upward …

It’s now time to PLAY BIGGER.

Thus, the “Tap for $1 Million” Challenge was born …

How much do you need to make each month to make at least $1 million this year? When you get your calculator out, you’ll see that you need to make about $84,000 per month, consistently.

And that may seem like a big stretch right now from where you are currently sitting. This program is designed to self-hypnotize your subconscious into seeing that making at least $1 million this year is not only possible … it’s EASY (just as easy as making whatever you are making now, because as A Course in Miracles teaches, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles”).

Due to its obvious monetary value, the Tap for $1 Million will be offered at a higher investment level than my other products. Now updating this page a couple months after this product was released, I can tell you I’m getting very enthusiastic feedback from my clients, and my own business is going to the next level (we are on track for close to a $100K+ month in May 2012, a first for my business). Your results of course depend in large part on your commitment level and are not guaranteed (you will need to tap multiple videos consistently every day for maximum results).

Here’s an example of what my customers are saying about this AMAZING product:

“If you don’t have this Challenge then you must get it NOW!!”

“I love the Tap for $1 Million video challenge. I tap on one a day as part of my visualization and setting the stage for my day. I will do more when I can, but because I plan to do one a day continuously, my intention is consistency on this one. The first video I did 4 times before I moved on to the second video, because I kept dissociating during it. The second video I did 3 times, until I stopped getting triggered by it. I am on Day 12 yesterday and redid it today as I found this one on how to plan my day hit a nerve.

“If you don’t have this Challenge then you must get it NOW!! It’s a must have! You can’t believe all the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from receiving at least a million dollars. Erika will help you through them. Think of all the people you could help!!”

– posted on our Forum by Elaine Enlightening from the United States

You will receive a free bonus of 30 days in my Holistic Belief Reprogramming private coaching group with your purchase, and the added support you get from me and from our awesome group members is PRICELESS.

Here are the two payment options:

1. Get the Entire “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge Now

In order to encourage full commitment, which is how you will get best results, all Erika Awakening products and services are NON-refundable and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website.

– OR –

2. Pay in three installments of $400 each ($400 today, another $400 in two weeks, and a final payment of $400 two weeks after that). You will get access to the first 10 videos after the second payment, and access to the remaining 20 videos after the final payment is made.

In order to encourage full commitment, which is how you will get best results, all Erika Awakening products and services are NON-refundable and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website. For the payment plan option, you must make all three payments on time, or your temporary video access after the second payment will be rescinded. I am not a collections agency, and it’s important that you keep your agreements with me by making payments on time. Late or missing payments result in higher prices and less service for everyone, and I would really prefer to spend my time helping people. Thanks for your consideration.

If you’ve experienced any of my previous products, you know there is no better investment of your money and your time than these powerful and life-changing 30-Day Challenges. So make today the day you commit to taking your whole life to a whole new level.


erika awakening tap for one million dollars

Here is a quick list of the videos contained in this product:

Day 1 – Introduction and Clearing the Belief “This Just Isn’t Possible for Me”

Erika introduces the 30-Day Tap for $1 Million Challenge and helps you clear preliminary blocks to manifesting your at least $1 Million, focusing in particular on the belief that this is “unrealistic” and “not possible for me.”

Day 2 – Releasing the Belief “I Don’t See How This Will Ever Happen”

May people do not even try to manifest what they really want in their loves because they don’t see “how” it can ever happen.  This is a big mistake, because if you are working with the Law of Attraction properly, the Universe will handle the how for you.  However, it is very important to clear out the part of you that clenches on with fear to the “known” because letting the Universe handle the how is a magical journey into the UNKNOWN.

Tap along with Erika in this video to release your doubts about “how” your money miracle can happen, and to invite the Universe to handle the “how” for you …

Day 3 – “I’m Scared Being Wealthy Will Make Me a Target”

Most people are not even consciously aware of the REAL reasons they don’t allow themselves to have financial abundance.  Deep down in their subconscious mind, outside of conscious awareness, are all the “secret” reasons why they keep themselves small and poor and deprived.  One of these reasons is the fear that “if I play big, I will become a target of negative attention and negative events.”  And the worst part is, if you don’t clear these self-sabotaging unconscious beliefs, they might just come true!!  Egads.

In this EFT tapping video, Erika guides you through a tapping sequence to release old karma and negative self-sabotaging beliefs about money and wealth.  Free yourself to go to the next level financially WITHOUT fearing that it will result in negative attention or outcomes.  It is possible to be safe AND wealthy.  Erika will show you how.

erika awakening eft tapping for moneyDay 4 – “It’s Too Much Effort”

Many people stop short of “going for it” financially because they have deeply programmed beliefs about how HARD it’s going to be.  What good is it to be wealthy if it comes at the price of your happiness and free time?  What good is it to have more money if you are exhausted all the time?  In Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), one of our core principles is the END of sacrifice.  You really can have it all!!

In this video, Erika Awakening shows you how to let go of the limiting beliefs that you have to “work hard” or “sacrifice” to make more money.  Making more money is meant to be fun!!

Day 5 – Releasing Guilt About this Being “Too Easy”

Now that we have released the belief that it has to be “difficult” to make more money, another pesky limiting belief is likely to rise to the surface.  Once people see that it actually CAN be easy to make more money, they often feel GUILTY.  Early in their lives, they were programmed with beliefs like “money that comes too easily is bad for your character” or “wealthy people who don’t work for it are lazy and greedy.”  And so on …

If you don’t eliminate the guilt from your subconscious mind, you’ll sabotage your miracle even after you get it.  So it is essential to erase the guilt now.  Erika helps you let go of the guilt in this video.

Get the Entire “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge Now

In order to encourage full commitment, which is how you will get best results, all Erika Awakening products and services are NON-refundable and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website.

Day 6 – Clearing the Belief that “I’m Not Like One of Those Wealthy People”

Many people were programmed early in childhood to resent and hate wealthy people.  Common beliefs are “rich people are greedy,” “rich people don’t care about poor people,” “rich people are shallow and materialistic,” “rich people are too blame for most of the world’s problems,” and so on … What people don’t realize is that what they judge they push away, so judging wealthy people means they probably will always struggle with money because deep down they are saying “I’m not like those BAD wealthy people (so I’m going to be poor and wear it like a badge of honor).”

Hmmm … pretty self-sabotaging, don’t you think?  In this video, we release judgments about wealthy people so that we can give ourselves permission to become wealthy (and help the rest of the world become wealthy also).  A core teaching of Holistic Belief Reprogramming is that everyone deserves financial abundance, and there is no value in anyone being poor, and no need for anyone to be poor.

Day 7 – Addressing the Fear that “I Don’t Have the Nuts and Bolts for Making $1 Million”

You may have lots of beliefs about what you need to do to start receiving at least $1 Million per year.  If you are an entrepreneur, for example, you may have been told by various coaches and “authorities” that you have to make sales calls, you must have a huge email contact list, and all kinds of other components to make more money.

The truth is you’ll make more money much faster and more easily if you remove all of those limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind because none of them are actually true.  Tap along with Erika in this video to release dozens of limiting beliefs and free yourself to be more creative and make money in new ways!!

Day 8 – Letting Go of the Belief that “I Don’t Really Deserve to Go First Class”

Many people don’t really feel worthy of receiving money miracles.  There is a sense that flying first class is “excessive.”  A belief that “oh, I don’t really need more.  I can get by on what I have.”  Although it certainly is wonderful to appreciate what we do have and realize that we don’t really “need” more, it doesn’t make for an inspired life.  We were put on this planet to be divine co-creators with God, creating the beautiful and enjoying all that life has to offer.  What if EVERYONE is meant to fly first class?

In this advanced EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique video, Erika helps you increase your feelings of deservingness so that you can accept all the bounty that the Universe has to offer.  This doesn’t mean being materialistic or having an excess of things that would just clutter up your life.  It means allowing yourself to have a life that is beautiful, nurturing, and unlimited, and fulfilling your true creative potential.

Day 9 – Clearing Guilt and Fear from Past Lives Where Money Led to Negative Outcomes

Ever heard of “money karma”?  I was not sure I believed in past lives before I started working with lots of private clients, but now that I have seen the massive shifts they had when we released possible past lives, I’m convinced of the importance of karma clearing.

Whether you remember past lives or not, whether you believe in them or not, doesn’t matter for purposes of this video.  We clear a wide range of fears and guilt, and it will help you clear any negative “mojo” from this lifetime as well.

You will feel SO much lighter after tapping this video!! :)

Day 10 – “I Don’t Want to Make More Money Because I’ll Just Have to Pay More Taxes!”

This is a surprisingly big and subtle saboteur for many people.  Depending where you live and what your income level is, you may (like me) be paying more than 50 percent of your money in taxes.  Ouch!!  A LOT of subconscious resistance to making more money can arise when you are paying so much to taxes, and when you have concerns about how your tax money is being spent.

In this advanced EFT tapping therapy video, we release this resistance so that it’ll be easier to make more money, and you just may find that you become more creative and proactive about researching legal tax deductions that you were overlooking before.

(Note:  Erika is not a tax adviser and urges you to consult your tax professional for all tax-related matters.  Nothing in any EA video should ever be construed as tax or legal advice.  Hiring a knowledgeable tax professional can often save you thousands of dollars because they know about all the legal deductions, and it will also save you a lot of time that you could be devoting to enjoying your life and taking your business to the next level.)

Get the Entire “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge Now

In order to encourage full commitment, which is how you will get best results, all Erika Awakening products and services are NON-refundable and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website.

Day 11 – “I Can’t Make $1 Million Because There’s Something Wrong With Me”

For many people, the reasons why they “can’t” make at least $1 million every year are more personal.  These are self-esteem issues, doubts about themselves picked up in childhood or even as adults.  It could be as simple as a negative business experience with your first lemonade stand!!

If you have doubts about yourself and think there is something wrong with you that prevents you from making more money, you are not alone!  Pretty much everyone has some block in this area.  Erika helps you release these fears and realize that you are just as powerful and just as capable of succeeding financially as anyone else on the planet.

Day 12 – “I Don’t Know How to Prioritize My Days to Make $1 Million”

erika awakening eft tapping for money on</a>Now that we’ve cleared a lot of the basic fears and guilt that prevent people from making more money, it is probably starting to seem at least “possible” to go to the next level and make seven figures, especially because you are now becoming a “pro” at tapping for money.</p>
<p>Now more practical questions begin to arise in the mind.  You will realize that the way you are living your life day to day is not going to get the job done.</p>
<p>This video will help your subconscious mind reorganize its priorities to set you up to make at least $1 million easily and effortlessly.  You will probably find that your daily routine begins to shift pretty dramatically after tapping this video :)</p>
<p><strong>Day 13 – “I’m Worried that Nothing Is Happening”</strong></p>
<p>It is not unusual at this point in one of my 30-Day Challenges to “freak out a little bit” and think that “nothing is happening.”  This is a natural (and actually helpful) part of the process.  It means we are getting a deeper level of fear to the surface to be cleared in the remaining videos.</p>
<p>In this Day 13 of the Challenge, we clear impatience and the part of us that wants to “control” the process, so that the Universe can bring us our new wealth more easily.</p>
<p><strong>Day 14 – “I’m Not Creating Powerful Enough Partnerships”</strong></p>
<p>It’s often easier to make at least $1 million when we cultivate powerful win/win partnerships with other people.  We can all reap synergies by pooling our talents and working together.</p>
<p>Tap along to this video to clear your fears and doubts about your ability to create powerful partnerships.  You may just find that powerful partners start knocking on your door after you tap this video several times!!</p>
<p><strong>Day 15 – More for Cultivating the Benefits of Teamwork</strong></p>
<p>In Day 15 of the Challenge, we go deeper with the clearing that we did on Day 14.  Teamwork not only makes it easier to generate wealth, it also makes it more fun!!  For example, I love that my committed clients and customers are also my affiliates, helping to spread the word about HBR to the rest of the planet.  It’s a wonderfully supportive community that we have built, and I wish the same for YOU.</p>
<p>This video will help you clear any remaining blocks about partnerships, so that working as a team will be much easier.</p>
<p><strong>Get the Entire “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge Now</strong><br />
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In order to encourage full commitment, which is how you will get best results, all Erika Awakening products and services are NON-refundable and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website.

Day 16 – “I Need Wealthier Clients and Customers”

Have you been attracting clients and customers who “can’t afford” or can “barely afford” your products and services, so you are scared to raise your rates?  Do you find yourself ASSUMING that people won’t pay higher rates, even when you don’t actually know the facts?  Then this video is for you!!

There are many ways to attract more money into your business.  One way is to encourage your clients and customers to commit, rather than spreading themselves too thin across many products and services.  Another is to attract more affluent clients and customers.  Attracting those who can pay full fare just may empower you to create more affordable options for everyone else, so think of it as the win/win that it is.

Day 17 – “I’m Feeling A Guilt Backlash Asking for and Receiving $1 Million”

Don’t be surprised if more guilt starts to come to the surface in the middle of the Challenge.  The guilt was there all along, but it was outside of your conscious awareness (that’s why most people don’t understand what is really sabotaging them in life).

Now that you are probably feeling just how deep the guilt really goes, we clear it in this advanced EFT tapping techniques video.  You will be much lighter after you tap along several times.

Day 18 – Letting Go of the Fear of Such a “Big Change”

Another fear that is likely to show up about mid-way in the Challenge is the fear of change.  Once you realize that it really IS possible for you to make at least $1 million, you may suddenly become aware of a lot of unanswered questions.

How is my life going to change?  Will my friends be jealous?  Will people hit me up for handouts?  Will I feel compelled to move to a new home?  What else is going to change?

Often, this is so scary for people that they clamp down on their miracle and squelch it before it every happens.  So it’s essential to clear these fears as they arise, and that’s what we do in this video.

erika awakening eft tapping for money tap for one million dollars

Day 19 – Clearing Guilt and Fear About “Asking for Too Much”

In this advanced Emotional Freedom Technique EFT tapping therapy video, we clear a deeper level of “lack of deservingness.”  Most people have learned to settle for so little their entire lives, and to believe that if they “have it all,” someone else will have to sacrifice – that they’ve just become accustomed to living a very small and humble and uninspired life.  That’s really NOT how we are meant to live.  God wants everyone to have everything they want.

So in this EFT tapping video, we clear this “lack of deserving” and open up space for your miracles to begin arriving!!

Day 20 – Releasing Grievances that May Be Blocking $1 Million From Showing Up

One of the primary causes of self-sabotage is lack of forgiveness.  We hold grudges and grievances against others, and we actually want to PUNISH those people by not succeeding (most people are not even consciously aware that they are doing this to themselves).

Tap along to this video to release any grievances that may be standing in the way of you receiving your $1 million by the fastest means possible.

Get the Entire “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge Now

In order to encourage full commitment, which is how you will get best results, all Erika Awakening products and services are NON-refundable and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website.

Day 21 – Clearing Disappointment

Prior disappointments with money can be HUGE block to making more money.  “I failed last time, and it felt horrible, why should I even bother trying again?” is how the subconscious mind often thinks (commonly without this even being in conscious awareness).

So in this advanced EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique video we clear out all those old disappointments so you can manifest your goal on a fresh clean slate :)

Day 21 Bonus – “I Can’t Have It All”

Our families and society condition us from the very beginning to believe this treacherous cliche:  “You just can’t have it all.”  It is a MUST to clear this belief out of your subconscious mind as quickly as possible, and realize that everyone is meant to have it all.  And that’s what we do in this video.

Day 22 – Releasing Our Attachment to “How” It Is Supposed to Happen

Even after all the earlier videos, you may find that there is a part of you that still thinks “it has to happen a certain way.”  The best way for you to make at least $1 million may be something you haven’t even thought of yet!!  It may involve leaving your job, starting a new business, creating new offerings in your existing business.  Only your intuition (your divine guidance) knows the answers that are BEST for you, and you will only hear your intuition clearly when you have cleared out the attachment to it happening a certain way.  That’s what we do in this video.

Day 23 – “I Still Think It’s Too Much to Ask For!”

erika awakening eft financial abundance tapping therapy videosLol, yep this is a deeply rooted belief, so we clear it from many angles and release many different levels of guilt and fear.  If you have childhood memories where your parents said “it’s too much,” we “can’t afford,” and so forth, clear them out here.  The truth is that no amount of abundance is too much to ask for because God wants everyone to have everything they want.

Also clear out your beliefs that “it’s too much to ask for” to work in a certain way (at home in your pajamas, for example).  The only limitations are your own belief system, so get creative and THINK BIG!!

Day 24 – Invoking the Goddess Lakshmi and Her Faithful Friend Ganesh

In some of my other products, we have invoked various angels and deities (which really are just energies inside of us) to make the process more fun and playful and powerful.  These have been very popular videos!!  Lakshmi and Ganesh are the experts at attracting abundance and removing obstacles, so they are good friends to have!!

Day 25 – “I Still Don’t Feel Deserving of This Much Abundance”

Yep, more deserving.  This turned out to be a BIG issue as I recorded this Challenge.  Here, we clear out yet another layer so you can finally feel like having at least $1 Million is not only doable but your natural birthright.

Get the Entire “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge Now

In order to encourage full commitment, which is how you will get best results, all Erika Awakening products and services are NON-refundable and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website.

Day 26 – “I Don’t Want to Let Go of the Old to Make Room for the New”

Making your $1 million may indeed result in some changes in how you live your life, and these changes are divinely guided so they always turn out to be good.  That doesn’t mean that the ego won’t throw up a fight and a lot of resistance to change.

Are you having trouble letting go of your old life to make room for your new life? This video will help you release your resistance and open your arms so that your at least $1 million can flow to you now.

Day 27 – “It’s Too Big of a Leap to Make $1 Million”

This is a very common block to making a big change in your life.  If it feels like too big of a leap, you may shut down and not even try.

Does it feel too daunting to go from where you are to at least $1 Million each year? This video will help you let go of the overwhelm so manifestation can be easy!

erika awakening eft financial abundance tapping for money learn how to attr</a><strong>Day 28 – “I Can’t Be Myself and Make $1 Million”</strong></p>
<p>Do you think you “have to change” to make $1 Million because you’re “not good enough” the way you are? This video will help you love and accept yourself exactly the way you are, and understand that you don’t have to change who you are at the core of your being to make more money.  In fact, all HBR products are based on becoming more and more of your AUTHENTIC self (the powerful part of you that was stifled for most of your life).</p>
<p><strong>Day 29 – The Power Video</strong></p>
<p>Are you powerful enough to manifest $1 million with the power of your mind? Yes, you are, but you may need to get back in touch with your true power to do so. With the big results that my customers got from my 30-Day Personal Power Challenge, we made an important discovery.  Being powerful is the foundation for all other manifestation.</p>
<p>This video will help you tap into your core power so that manifesting more money can be much easier than you ever imagined!</p>
<p><strong>Day 30 – Gratitude</strong></p>
<p>We like to finish the 30-Day Challenges with an uplifting and heart-opening gratitude session, and this Challenge is no exception!!  Tap along with Erika to appreciate the many blessings that are already in your life and to thank the Universe (in advance) for the miracles that are already on their way!!  :)  A powerful way to attract your $1 million more quickly.</p>
<p><strong>Note: </strong> You will also receive a free bonus of 30 days in my HBR private coaching group with your purchase, and the added support you get from me and from our awesome group members is PRICELESS.</p>
<p><strong>Here are the two payment options:</strong></p>
<p><strong>1.  Get the Entire “Tap for $1 Million” 30-Day Challenge Now</strong><br />
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