HBR For Women

HBR for Women: Releasing Limiting Beliefs about Men and Embracing the Power of Your Feminine Energy!

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I released a new product … so I’m very excited to share this with you! If you’ve already heard about this life-changing audio product (and word is getting out), don’t wait! Get access to this life-changing HBR for women audio now…

Please make a conscious decision and commitment when you purchase this HBR for women audio program. In order to encourage conscious decision-making and commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. (We both know you’ll get more out of this audio because you made a true commitment, right?)

If you’re still with me and need to know more…well, as some of you may remember, in September I did a live teleclass with a group of women from Rori’s blog. These women were interested in discovering my coaching system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR). Specifically, the intention of the teleclass was to help these women release anger they had toward men, let go of negative beliefs they had about men, and embrace the power of their feminine energy.

It was quite a teleclass! Things got very raw and real, and there was actually so much wonderful “chaos” on the call that I worried we would not have a good HBR for women recording. But we sent the audio to a professional to enhance the sound, and lo and behold, it came out surprisingly well.

So now, even if you missed the live HBR for women call, you will be able to ride the roller coaster of emotions with us, delve into your own limiting beliefs, fears, and anger about men, and tap along with us … finding by the end of the teleclass that you feel a huge relief as you let go of the burdens of all that old negative baggage.

Is this product for you?

In truth, anyone can benefit from tapping along with anyone else’s problem, even if it appears to be unrelated to their own problems.
But this HBR for women call is especially for you if you can relate to these questions:

  • Are you so afraid of being hurt by love that you have avoided getting close with a man, for fear that you’ll be opening yourself up to pain and despair?
  • Do you feel awkward or nervous on dates, worrying about everything you’re saying or whether or not he finds you attractive and interesting? So much so that you can’t relax and, therefore, can’t enjoy dating anymore?

This teleclass will help you release all that fear and pain.  Feel the negative emotions melt away as you follow along with the call, delving into your own fears and beliefs, and tapping them away from the comfort of your own home.

Please make a conscious decision and commitment when you purchase this audio program. In order to encourage conscious decision-making and commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. (We both know you’ll get more out of this audio because you made a true commitment, right?)

You want to have honest, healthy and close relationships with men, but the idea of going through all the drama of dating TERRIFIES you. You don’t trust that a man will do what he says or that he won’t just suddenly dump you just when you’re starting to have feelings for him.

So perhaps you opt to build a full social life with friends and family that does NOT involve dating, or you find yourself constantly in a state of anxiety about men and relationships.

You know in your heart, however, that this isn’t what you want out of life. But what do you do about all the fear and doubt? These negative emotions seem to be blocking you at every turn!

You’ve read books or attended workshops or maybe you’ve even gotten some coaching from friends or professionals about the right thing to do or say on a date to make him feel attracted to you, or to get him to fall for you. Here’s why you’re still not where you want to be yet…

… You can intellectually know all the right things to do on a date, but if your energetic system is going haywire, then you probably won’t connect with a man.

Fear and anger from past hurts and sometimes childhood trauma build walls around people. This forcefield you’ve built up around your heart KEEPS MEN OUT. If you have a wall around your heart because in the past a man cheated on you, left you, or made you feel unloved, it’s going to be really hard for you to feel present in the moment, when a man is sitting right across from you.

The energy you’ll be putting out due to your conscious and subconscious thoughts will be off-putting. It will affect not just what you say, but HOW you say it. It will influence the decisions you make about dating—whether you’ll be attracted to a man whose good for you, or a man who will just take you back down the same painful path you’ve been down before. It will send “signals” to a man that you can’t control and that he can’t even consciously be aware of. He’ll just know that there’s something about you that makes him feel uneasy. And it’s just a matter of time before he starts to make excuses as to why he can’t be in a relationship with you.

This happens because you’re not comfortable, not clear (on a SUBCONSCIOUS level) about what you really want with men, and because of the LIMITING BELIEFS you have about men in general. If you are in pain, you are most likely judging men, and nobody likes to be judged, so don’t be surprised when the men run away.

The good news is, it’s an easy fix. Keep reading and you’ll see why…

But first, what are limiting beliefs?
They are recurring thoughts that you may not even realize you’re having. They’re often subconscious, or they may be thoughts that pop up whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

For example, do you recognize any of these as recurring thoughts you’re having when you think about your love life?

  • I’m not good enough to have a healthy and happy relationship
  • It’s not safe to trust men
  • I’m too messed up to get the kind of man I really want
  • I pay my way on dates because I don’t want to have to “owe” him sex
  • It’s not safe to receive money or gifts from men. He’s going to want more than I’m willing to give back.
  • I have to be young and slim for men to think I’m sexy
  • I’m too old/fat/ugly to attract a decent man, or ANY man

If any of these thoughts sound familiar, guess what?

You’re not alone, these thoughts are much more common than you realize. Women who would seem to you to have it all — looks, brains and personality — often have deep-seated limiting beliefs about their worth and value in the eyes of men. A woman who is beautiful may think she’s not good enough for a decent man, because of her sordid past. A kind, gentle woman may believe she can’t attract an honest, devoted man because all her former boyfriends cheated on her. An intelligent, independent and strong woman may want to get married but can’t seem to find a man who’s interested in commitment because of her OWN beliefs about commitment. The list goes on. I’ve seen this over and over.

So what’s the difference between you and a woman who enjoys her relationships with men? It’s not her looks or her personality, it’s her BELIEFS. Those beliefs affect her energy and how she embraces her feminine power.

This is good news for you, because it doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, or what your past relationships were like, you CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS WITH MEN just by changing your belief system and tapping into your feminine power.


If you are not yet familiar with my coaching, I want to share with you a powerful psychological technique I developed that has been proven to help people overcome fears and anxiety and even expedite physical healing. This technique is called
Holistic Belief Reprogramming, or HBR

and this is the method that finally freed me from a lifetime of feeling stuck and anxious about nearly everything. It is what has enabled me to fully embrace life and live fearlessly and happily…without the doubts and excuses that plague most people.

Each of us lives our life within the constraints of our own personal belief system, which intersects in many ways with society’s collective belief system. Unfortunately, many women grew up in environments, or had later life experiences, that damaged their belief systems about men.

Their fathers were abusive, or their high school boyfriends were cheaters, or their first love was an alcoholic. These experiences colored their view of men and of relationships in ways they CAN’T EVEN SEE in the present.

Holistic Belief Reprogramming is a method I developed after years of research, trial and (lots of) error, and eventual success to clear the specific memories and associated beliefs and emotions, so you can feel calm and collected with men, comfortable with emotional intimacy, and confident around any man. Using the right combination of words, you touch or “tap” specific parts of your body while expressing your beliefs in order to “reprogram” what’s not working.

In my 90-minute audio teleclass recording on “Releasing and Remedying Negative Beliefs About Men” you’ll hear me how and why this process works and be able to try the technique yourself as you follow along my instruction. You’ll hear several women on the teleclass express their own limiting beliefs about men — beliefs that are VERY common to most women — and listen as I walk them through a session of HBR to clear that energetic gunk out of their system.

This audio isn’t professionally produced or even “polished.”
It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s women like you
who come to the call in pain and leave feeling freer than they have in ages.

Some of the participants on the call break down in tears as they report a deep release of sorrow and negative energy around their limiting beliefs. It’s very possible that you, too, will experience this same kind of release and resolution.

Like you, I felt like a mess years ago when it came to relationships. I was one of the toughest cases. I went from coach to coach, method to method, attending workshops and trying all the exercises and techniques. It wasn’t until I found this method of energetic release, that I’ve since developed into my own unique method, that I was finally free.

I feel happy pretty much all the time. I feel relaxed nearly all of the time. I love men, and I feel comfortable around men, and they love me back.

In other words, I’m a completely different person today than I was just a few years ago.

Whatever is holding you back from having the kind of love life and relationship you want, this 90-minute audio will help you bring it out into the open and release it, freeing you to finally experience relationships in a whole new way.

In this 90-minute audio, you’ll also learn:

  • How to pinpoint exactly where your emotional wounds originated and eliminate them for good
  • How to feel worthy of a good man’s love, despite your past, how old you are, or how you feel about yourself now
  • How to trust men and more importantly, trust yourself around men so that you can relax no matter what’s happening on a date
  • How to release the negative beliefs that are keeping you from fully connecting with men or finding the RIGHT man

And the best part is that you get all this for only $49.97.

You can listen to this 90-minute recording right away on your computer after you place your order and the audio file is delivered to your inbox. You’ll have the information and instruction you need to start implementing this technique into your life right away. You can apply it to get a JUMP START on your love life, or attract healthier, better relationships. You will feel freer, less anxious, less fearful. You can listen to the audio over and over and practice the technique as often as you need to. The more you practice, the faster and more complete your results will be.

Please make a conscious decision and commitment when you purchase this audio program. In order to encourage conscious decision-making and commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. (We both know you’ll get more out of this audio because you made a true commitment, right?)

That’s right, with your commitment to apply what I teach in this program, you can actually start to manifest LOVE and HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIPS into your life immediately, just by changing your beliefs about men!

The cost of this recording is a small investment compared to how liberated you’ll feel and how much potential joy this could bring into your life. You may not even be aware of the kind of negative, limiting beliefs that are affecting your love life. You won’t know until you give the HBR technique a try and see what comes up in the moment. You’ll be surprised at the kind of negative, toxic energy you’ll be able to clear out after listening to and following along with the exercises in the audio even just once (though I recommend you listen and tap multiple times).

Here is a testimonial I received from a woman I worked with during the live teleclass:

“Thank you so, so much for doing this for me, for us! Your style was so gentle and compassionate, and I felt so safe with you! …

I have been in a lot of therapy for 25 years, off and on. I agree with your testimonials that this is the most effective way of healing I have been through. The way I feel now is that it would be ridiculous to hang on to those stupid beliefs that were wrongly communicated to me by people who themselves had deep emotional damage.”

Here are just a few additional testimonials I’ve received from my female clients who’ve released their limiting beliefs and embraced their feminine power after using my HBR technique:

From Sandra, one of my HBR clients:

“I had been referred to Erika for HBR by someone whose opinion I respect a lot, but to be honest, before the session, I felt doubtful about what HBR could do for me. But in my first session with Erika, I felt surprised at how quickly she helped me touch on a deep childhood memory and help me clear the pain of it away. After my session with Erika, that same day, I was able to have a conversation that I had been agonizing over for months. I was able to speak from my heart, with virtually no anxiety.”

From another female client:

“Erika helped me twice to clear out some of my deepest emotional issues. The results were significant. I felt much more relaxed about myself and people around me said that I have a ‘glow.’ It also helped me to get clarity about my relationships with men in my life, including a long unresolved issue with my dad. I highly recommend Erika as a healer and HBR coach!”

From Daria:

“HBR with Erika was amazing! My life changed in one hour. I felt giddy with joy coming out of the session. I felt so free and open. I simply was not as afraid… of… things I didn’t realize before… like the people I saw walking down the street. I was able to look them in the eye, and the thoughts I heard were GOOD instead of threatening. My relationship with my family improved. I was able to stand up for myself more, and be more honest. I have also become exponentially more successful at HBR on my own. This has changed my life and I am ready for the adventure. Thank you Erika!”

Saying that you’re comfortable with your feminine power and thinking it are one thing — fully experiencing that feeling is another. You won’t know what’s really holding you back until you go through the exercise in the audio with me and experience the toxic “junk” floating up and out of your heart and body.

Relationships and dating are challenging enough without our past emotional baggage holding us back. Don’t wait another day to experience the kind of love you deserve!

Please make a conscious decision and commitment when you purchase this audio program. In order to encourage conscious decision-making and commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. (We both know you’ll get more out of this audio because you made a true commitment, right?)

I look forward to hearing about your personal success story after you listen to the audio and try the techniques for yourself!

To Your Success,

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