30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge with Erika Awakening

Introducing the 30-Day Restore My Faith Because “I Lost My Faith and Need to Get It Back” Challenge with Erika Awakening

Lost My Faith
Hi, this is Erika Awakening, and if you are like most people, life sometimes gets a little tough. Maybe you are usually a pretty upbeat person but you have hit a plateau, or a series of “bad” things have happened … and it’s tough to stay motivated with your transformation. It’s tough to get back to that happy self you know you can be …

The 30-Day Lost My Faith Challenge is specifically designed to get your strength and hope back when the chips are down.

If life has been feeling tough lately and you’re having trouble getting motivated, this is the 30-Day Challenge for you. I got the inspiration to start recording this 30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge just a few days ago. Sat down and the videos FLOWED out of me. And guess what happened? Two major miracles in my relationships within 24 hours of beginning to record the videos. Now let’s get those same amazing results for you!

We include lots of A Course in Miracles in this one but really we cover pretty much every topic where you have lost your faith. And there is nothing like some amazing miracles to get your faith back :)

The rocking 30-Day RESTORE My Faith Challenge gives you 32 ultra-powerful videos that are already loaded and ready for you to start tapping and getting results NOW :)

To ensure your full commitment and greatest results, all EA products and services are non-refundable.

Have you Lost Your Faith in life, transformation, God, people, yourself, or EFT tapping? We have just the remedy for this …

Erika Awakening presents The 30-Day “Restore My Faith” Challenge for Letting Go of Your Past, Finding Forgiveness, and Creating Miracles

Anger management techniques

You can purchase the 30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge here:

To ensure your full commitment and greatest results, all EA products and services are non-refundable.

All 30 EFT tapping videos are now loaded and available for you to tap along and begin manifesting miracles of restored hope, personal power, and abundance!! You also get 2 bonus videos for no additional charge. That’s 32 ultra-powerful, life-changing EFT tapping videos in all. And with your purchase you will receive a free bonus of 30 days in my members-only Facebook group and forum. So get started today – you will be so happy to see how quickly the big personal transformation comes when you tap along to these “Lost My Faith” EFT tapping videos with Erika Awakening.


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You can purchase the 30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge here:

To ensure your full commitment and greatest results, all EA products and services are non-refundable.

Day 1 – Let’s Get Started

So we lost our faith … time to get started getting it back. Erika Awakening introduces the 30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge.

Day 2 – “I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here”

A typical feeling that goes along with losing our faith is confusion and lack of sense of direction. In this video, we address that feeling of “I don’t know where to go from here.”

Day 3 – “Lost Faith in My Worthiness”

It is not unusual, even after years of successful transformation and results, to hit a plateau or start feeling down on yourself. In this EFT tapping video, Erika Awakening helps you release these feelings of shame and unworthiness so you can continue on your path with confidence restored.

Day 4 – “Lost My Faith in Myself”

The primary purpose of this EFT tapping video is to release all the negative feelings of being down on yourself and raise your self-esteem.

Day 5 – “Lost My Faith in God and the Angels”

If you’ve been feeling like your prayers have gone unanswered, then this is the EFT tapping video for you. Erika Awakening guides you through a tapping sequence to release frustration which only blocks our channel to the Divine anyway. Let’s make way for as much divine assistance as we possibly can!

Day 6 – “Lost Faith in My Websites (or other Creations)”

If you are an internet entrepreneur, you can apply this EFT tapping video to your websites. If you don’t have any websites, no problem. All Erika Awakening videos are metaphorical, so you can just tune into something else you’ve lost your faith in … such as your job or your business plan or just about anything else you’ve created.

Day 7 – “Lost My Faith in My Life Purpose”

Maybe you never figured out what your life purpose is. Or maybe you know exactly what your life purpose is, but you feel totally stymied to fulfill it. Either way, this video will help release all that anger and despair and get you back on track.

Day 8 – “Lost My Faith in Great Partnerships”

Feeling down about not having the business partnership or romantic partnership or friendships or any other kind of partnership that you wish you had? In this EFT tapping video, we clear out those negative feelings and tune in to the big picture where there are no mistakes.

Day 9 – “Lost My Faith in My Tools”

Maybe you were getting great results with A Course in Miracles or tapping or any other form of transformation … and now results seem to have stalled? This EFT tapping video with Erika Awakening will help you quickly let go of the hopelessness and get some faith back.

You can purchase the 30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge here:

To ensure your full commitment and greatest results, all EA products and services are non-refundable.

Day 10 – “Lost My Faith in Forgiveness”

Have you tried and tried to forgive a particular person or situation and just can’t seem to do it? This EFT tapping video will help you blast past the “psychological reversal” that is keeping this situation stuck. Miracles happened shortly after recording this video …

Day 11 – “Lost My Faith in Getting Justice”

Is there a particular situation in your life that was never made right, where you’ve lost your faith in ever getting justice or being heard or understood? In this EFT tapping video, we release the frustration and grief that is probably keeping the situation “stuck” so that new solutions can manifest. Once again, Erika Awakening helps you unload a lifetime’s worth of grudges with this EFT tapping video.

anger releasing, anger management techniques

Day 12 – “Lost My Faith in My Business”

Were you going strong in your business and then seemed to hit a brick wall and be going nowhere? It’s super frustrating, so let’s clear out all that despair and confusion in this EFT tapping video.

Day 13 – “Lost My Faith in Healing Relationships”

Maybe you’ve been trying to heal the same old relationships for many years without success? It’s time for some emergency intervention! Tap away the resentment and sadness with this brand new EFT tapping video from Erika Awakening.

Day 14 – “Lost My Faith in Sex”

Are you feeling sexually disconnected? Confused about how sex fits into your life? This EFT tapping video will help you explore the inner conflicts and release and resolve those inner conflicts for more inner peace.

Day 15 – “Lost My Faith in Communication”

If you generally have pretty good communication skills, it can be really frustrating when there is a particular situation or maybe several situations where communication is just not working at all. Pave the way for easier and smoother communication with this powerful EFT tapping video.

Day 16 – “Lost My Faith in Making Sales”

When we have lost our faith in ourselves, or in God, or in life, it can be really difficult to keep our businesses going. Making sales can feel especially incongruent when we are feeling down. We still have a lot to offer, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when we are being hard on ourselves. This EFT tapping video will help restore confidence.

Day 17 – “Lost My Faith in My Quantum Leap”

Quantum leaps are not linear, so it is actually quite predictable that there will be a period of “feeling down or desperate” soon before they happen. This is the time people are most likely to “give up” even though it is the worst time to give up. Your miracle is right around the corner. This EFT tapping video will help you keep going when it feels like the chips are down.

Day 18 – “Lost My Faith in the Holy Relationship”

If you are a fan of A Course in Miracles, you may be very much hoping to find yourself in a “holy relationship.” Yet the world is so confusing. Breakups, superficial relationships, divorces, and more seem to be surrounding us constantly. When will we ever see the divine relationship promised in the book? This video addresses those concerns.

Day 19 – “Lost My Faith in Collaboration”

Have you started collaborations with high hopes only to feel disappointed how hard it is to work as a team? Or do you keep meeting the wrong partners? This EFT tapping video will help.

You can purchase the 30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge here:

To ensure your full commitment and greatest results, all EA products and services are non-refundable.

Day 20 – “Lost My Faith in Physical Healing”

Deep down, we all know that we have the capability to heal ALL of our physical ailments. But perhaps hope has worn thin recently as some physical problems seemed to be resistant no matter what you tried? This EFT tapping video is designed to release the hopelessness and keep you going in good spirits.

Day 21 – “Lost My Faith in Romance”

Have you become cynical about romance, not even really believing in it anymore? You are not alone. Resolve inner conflicts about romance with this EFT tapping video.

Day 22 – “Lost My Faith in Getting Out of My Wealth & Income Comfort Zone”releasing anger, anger management techniques

If, no matter how you try, you always seem to keep slipping back to the same old levels of income and wealth, this is the EFT tapping video for you.

Day 23 – “Lost My Faith in Reaching the People I Need to Reach”

Whether the people you need to reach are your family, your friends, or your public audience … it doesn’t really matter. It can feel so frustrating when you feel like you are not reaching them! Let go of that frustration in this EFT tapping video.

Day 24 – “Lost My Faith in Clearing Psychological Reversal”

Do you realize that you are your “own worst enemy” yet feel powerless to resolve your own self-sabotage. In this video, tap along with Erika Awakening to address and release the deep sources of psychological reversal so you can be congruent with your goals.

Day 25 – “Lost My Faith in Loving Myself”

One of the “hardest” tasks in life is really loving ourselves. If you have done a lot of work toward loving yourself, and still feel like you’re not really there, then this is the EFT tapping video for you.

Day 26 – Releasing the Pressure

When we have lost our faith, we can feel a lot of “pressure” to get things back on track. Sometimes that pressure is just interfering with our natural evolution and the “getting quiet” that might be the fastest route to our next quantum leap. This EFT tapping video will help release the pressure.

Day 27 – “Lost My Faith in Men and Women Being Friends”

In this EFT tapping video, we address the timeless issue of whether men and women ever really can be “just friends.” Release anger and frustration and resolve a bunch of inner conflicts as you tap along with Erika Awakening.

Day 28 – “Lost My Faith in People Making Amends”

If you feel that you have been wronged, and the other person or people involved never made it right, then this is the video for you.

Day 29 – “Lost My Faith in Miracles”

It’s easy to lose our faith in miracles when we have not seen very many of them recently. Restore your faith with this EFT tapping video.

Congratulations, you MADE IT to Day 30!!

Day 30 – Going All the Way Into the Negative

One of the biggest mistakes people make with transformation and tapping is not going deep enough into their negative feelings. Negative feelings cannot just be “papered over” with positive thinking. In this EFT tapping video, we go ALL THE WAY into the negative, so you can come out into the light on the other side :)

And then we have your free BONUS VIDEOS …

Bonus #1 – “Lost My Faith in Money Miracles”

If you have not been having as many money miracles as you would like, this is the video for you.

Bonus #2 – “Lost Faith in Resolving Inner Conflicts”

If you’ve been feeling conflicted about ANYTHING, and don’t see “how I am possibly going to get myself out of this mess” … then this is the EFT tapping video for you.

You can purchase the 30-Day “Lost My Faith” Challenge here:

To ensure your full commitment and greatest results, all EA products and services are non-refundable.