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Erika Awakening presents the key to your Crown Chakra Opening…

The 30-Day Crown Chakra Opening Challenge

For More Magnetism, More Presence, More Answered Prayers, More Peace of Mind … to Establish an Intimate Relationship with God … and Create Heaven on Earth, Literally

What is the Second Coming of Christ? It is the global awakening of consciousness that is happening now inside each one of us. By opening our crown chakra, we can participate in the Second Coming NOW.

What can you expect from a crown chakra opening with Erika Awakening? You can expect miracles, that’s for sure. More presence, more magnetism, a greater sense of inner peace, more answered prayers, a more intimate relationship with God. You may experience physical healing (my skin feels so amazing after completing this tapping video series). You will probably feel less urgency about any remaining problems in your life, as your faith increases and your inner knowing is that God is taking care of everything, and you are in good hands.

God loves you. God loves me. When we open the crown chakra, and integrate the crown chakra with the other six chakras (third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra), we can expect everything to get easier. We may experience a money miracle, less guilt about sexuality, more personal power, open heart, effective communication, rigorous intuition, and much more!!

Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), the method that Erika Awakening teaches you in this and all her video products, is an advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) that produces faster and more profound results than ever before.

For those who have already experienced these powerful tapping video programs for Clearing All of the Other Six Chakras, and who KNOW you want this product, you can purchase here:

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Do You Believe It Is Possible to Experience Heaven on Earth?

Many people don’t believe it’s possible to experience heaven on earth in this lifetime. That’s understandable, with all the pain and suffering that we have witnessed and experienced here on Earth. So people delay their happiness “into the future,” barely get by in lives of quiet desperation, and settle for far less than any of us really deserve.

Experience Heaven on Earth Now

Based on her years-long study of the powerful book A Course in Miracles, and the huge miracles she has seen in her own life and the lives of her clients and customers, Erika Awakening believes that we will see total redemption of the planet in this lifetime. And these life-changing Holistic Belief Reprogramming EFT tapping videos are a big part of how that is going to happen.

That’s right. In this lifetime, Erika Awakening expects that we will see:

The end of sickness, suffering, and death

Achievement of eternal youth

The end of all financial scarcity

The end of pollution and all other environmental damage

The end of all war, weaponry, and conflict

The end of uneven distribution of wealth, and poverty in every form

World peace, with absolute abundance, health, and happiness for all

Sound ambitious?  Some people think that Erika Awakening is “crazy” for her optimism.  It is only after seeing the staggering miracles in her own life that came from practicing Holistic Belief Reprogramming, and the deep way in which the promises of A Course in Miracles resonated with her soul, that Erika Awakening found the truth within herself:

God loves you.  God loves me.  God is all-powerful, and God wants his children to be happy, healthy, safe, and abundant.  Being all-powerful, God is perfectly capable of accomplishing all this.  So it is, and so it shall be.

Be the change.  We hear that maxim a lot.  What does it really mean to “be the change”? Here’s one powerful example.  By participating in this Crown Chakra Opening Challenge, you are creating change so profound on this planet that your ego mind is incapable of grasping the miracles that will arise.  All because you were willing to set a little money and time aside to tap along as Erika Awakening guides you through these powerful healing videos.

“When you are healed, you are never healed alone.” – A Course in Miracles

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Here is a short summary of each of the 30 videos in this powerful Crown Chakra Opening EFT tapping product:


Day 1 – Let’s Get Started With Opening Your Crown Chakra

Erika Awakening introduces the Crown Chakra Opening Challenge, and we get started clearing any resistance you may have to reuniting with God and rediscovering your personal power with God.

Day 2 – Clearing Psychological Reversal about Opening Your Crown Chakra

What is psychological reversal? It’s the part of us that resists change, does not want to be powerful, and has created all kinds of “secondary benefits” of being unhealthy, powerless, and poor. So clearly it’s something we want to remove!

Erika Awakening guides you through an EFT tapping sequence for removing the psychological reversal that might otherwise block you from reaping maximum benefits from this product. You will feel your inner resistance dropping with every tapping sequence.

Day 3 – Releasing More Resistance to Healing, Balancing, and Opening Your Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra Opening is Your Key to Inner Peace and Peace of Mind

Erika Awakening experienced a lot of inner resistance to recording this 30-Day Crown Chakra Opening Challenge. When that happens, it usually means the product turns out to be especially powerful. However, it is very important to clear this resistance at the beginning so the remaining videos can be as effective as possible.

Tap along with Erika Awakening in this video to release the part of you that says “I don’t want to open my crown chakra. I would rather stay ‘safe’ here in ego consciousness a little bit longer.” Lol ;-p

After following along with Erika Awakening in this video, you will probably feel more willing and more excited about the rest of this Crown Chakra Opening Challenge :)

Day 4 – Clearing Resistance to Returning to God and Love

At the level of our conscious mind, most of us would say “of course I want to return to God and experience divine love.”  There is another part of our mind, however, that deeply resists this healing.  That part of our mind is the ego, and unless we relinquish the ego, our efforts to reach God will ultimately be futile.

In this video, Erika Awakening draws on her deep understanding of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and ego consciousness to release deep unconscious blocks to returning to God and love.  You will probably feel palpable relief and lightening in your body after tapping along with Erika Awakening in this video.

Day 5 – Releasing Sadness that is Blocking Us from Opening Our Crown Chakras

Please do not be surprised if, after tapping along to the first four videos in the Crown Chakra Clearing series, you suddenly feel very sad.  This sadness was there all along.  It was covered up by the resistance.  Fortunately, Erika Awakening guides you to release the deep grief, because until it is released, it is blocking you from going home to God.

You may cry along to this video.  You may need to tap along several times.  When you are finished, you will feel so much lighter and be much more ready to rediscover your true intimate relationship with God.

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Day 6 – Erasing Fear of Being Alone in the World if We Open Our Crown Chakra

One of our secret fears when we move toward enlightenment and union with God is that we will end up alone. We have seen plenty of “evidence” in this lifetime for the idea that those who get close to God are ridiculed, punished, ostracized, and excluded.

Therefore, let Erika Awakening guide you through a powerful tapping therapy sequence for cleansing your subconscious mind of these unhelpful doubts and fears.

What if everything we have seen is not true? What if it is actually possible to experience a deeper sense of communion with other people instead of a sense of isolation?

You will feel more hopeful and optimistic after tapping along with Erika Awakening in this video.

Day 7 – Invoking Archangel Michael to Open Our Crown Chakra

Answered prayers for healing come from crown chakra opening

Sometimes in our healing efforts, we make the mistake of trying to do it “all by ourselves.” This is a mistake because these efforts come from ego consciousness, and are self-defeating.

Why not call upon one of the most powerful angels in the Universe to help us? Archangel Michael is, after all, really a part of us. He represents the essence of our Higher Self, the part of us that is closest to God. And he can make this whole endeavor SO much easier.

Follow along as Erika Awakening teaches you how to call upon the angels in your EFT tapping technique, so that you can have the most powerful forces in the Universe helping you at all times! Make friends with this powerful Angel. He has only your and everyone’s best interests at heart. :)

Day 8 – Letting Go of Shame that is Blocking Us from Opening Our Crown Chakra

Shame IS the separation from God. Shame is what leads us to hide our light and feel unworthy. It is the essence of ego consciousness, and when it is removed, we are returned to our natural birthright of miracles and Godly love.

Erika Awakening guides you through a powerful EFT tapping sequence to remove shame at the level of your deepest subconscious mind. You may not even feel worthy of opening your Crown Chakra, yet this shame is not helping your or anybody else!

Breathe a huge sigh of relief after tapping along to this video, knowing that you DO deserve Heavenly love and the experience of Heaven on Earth … NOW.

Day 9 – Clearing Resistance to Being a Lightworker After Crown Chakra Opening

Christ is risen, resurrection, heaven on earth, God loves you, God loves me

Christ is risen, the second coming comes through our awakening to our true divine nature

Most of us know that opening our crown chakra is not just about receiving miracles for ourselves. It’s also about service to others. When we have a fully open crown chakra, we will undoubtedly be called upon by God to help heal the entire planet.

Well, at one level that sounds wonderful. At another level, we are NOT happy about this. “Ugh … ANOTHER responsibility? I can’t even handle the responsibilities I already have,” our ego groans.

This is why it is so important to clear any outdated notions we may have about what it means to be a lightworker (such as poverty, celibacy, self-sacrifice, and so forth). Holistic Belief Reprogramming is about having the life of our dreams, and about receiving miracles for ourselves as well as others. You’ll be much more excited about being a lightworker and a teacher of God after this video!

Day 10 – Erasing Fear of Being Too Powerful After We Open Our Crown Chakra

Most people are terrified of their true power. Deep down we know we will be a lot MORE powerful after our crown chakra opening.

So we need to reassure our subconscious mind that it really is SAFE to be this powerful. That’s what we accomplish in this video with Erika Awakening.

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Day 11 – Integrating Our Crown Chakra with Our Root Chakra for Money Miracles

Now that we have cleared a lot of the fears that have been blocking our crown chakra opening, it’s time to address the integration of the crown chakra with the lower chakras.

God wants everyone to have financial abundance. Why would he wish for any of his children to be poor and “go without” anything that they need?

So it’s important for us to integrate God’s fatherly wisdom with the “mother wisdom” of our root chakra and our connection to the Earth and the physical world. This, by the way, is how we begin to create Heaven on Earth ;)

Day 12 – Integrating Our Crown Chakra with Our Heart Chakra for More Profound Experience of Love

We also want our love on Earth to be suffused with Divine love. Then our love relationships will be purified, and we can eradicate co-dependency and other unhealthy patterns.

Tap along with Erika Awakening in this video to bring the light and love of your Crown Chakra opening into your heart chakra. You will feel an expansion of love in your life. It is very likely that you will notice a significant increase in compassion, both in yourself and others, after tapping along to this video.

Day 13 – Releasing Existential Angst About Crown Chakra Opening

Soulmate, Soulmates, Divine Union, Relationship with God

Soulmate Relationship

As we get closer to God, it is not unusual to experience a kind of “world weariness,” where the activities and people we once enjoyed no longer seem meaningful to us. This may actually make us more reluctant to continue uniting with God, because we do not want to experience any further existential angst.

In this video, free yourself from this world weariness so that you can feel more optimistic and delighted about the journey back to God. All the “things of this world” that have been taken away will be replaced by miracles anyway, so we may as well get that popcorn and enjoy the view ;)

Day 14 – Letting Go of Anger with God for Crown Chakra Opening

Another experience we may have as we get closer to God is anger. Now that we understand that this all-powerful God could have spared us all the pain and suffering we experienced, could have prevented every loss, and taken away every worry and sorrow, we wonder why He did not save us already. This can lead to resentment and anger that can block us from making further progress in our forgiveness of the world.

This powerful video will help us release that resentment and anger so we can enjoy our relationship with God once again. Unanswered prayers will now become answered prayers. All will be redeemed in the light, and at the end of it all, we will laugh at realizing that we “made it all up” so we could have this experience as physical beings. We are God, after all. ;)

Day 15 – Soulmates and Divine Union

In recording the Crown Chakra Opening Challenge, Erika Awakening was surprised to discover that the theme of “soulmates” on Earth was very important for a few of the videos. On further consideration, however, this makes perfect sense. The holy relationship (as described by A Course in Miracles), more commonly called our soulmate relationship, is the reflection in earthly form of our union with God. So it makes perfect sense if we are bringing Heaven on Earth that a soulmate relationship would be an important part of this process.

Here, we clear deep subconscious fear of divine union reflected in a human partnership. It’s easy on Earth to have an unsatisfying “special relationship.” This video is about creating something new, something we have never seen before, in human relationships. Prepare to be surprised and delighted.

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Day 16 – Integrating Our Sacral Chakra with Our Crown Chakra

And … what holy relationship or soulmate relationship is truly complete without fantastic sex? ;)

Now that we are bringing in all this new love and light through our Crown Chakra, why not purify ALL areas of our life with it, including sex and sexuality. Erika Awakening guides you through a powerful and innovative EFT tapping sequence that will likely bring you much more ecstatic and divine lovemaking experiences, as well as divinely inspired creativity and vitality.

Day 17 – Divine Union

In this video, we continue the theme of Divine Union with God, releasing the remaining ego fears that are in the way, and opening the path to a truly complete opening of the Crown Chakra. You will come to a much deeper understanding and appreciation of your intimate relationship with God.

Day 18 – Forgiving the Father (Father Healing) for Crown Chakra Opening

In God we Trust, money from God, prayer for money

In God We Trust shows that money miracle comes from God

Because we project the qualities of our parents onto God and Nature, it is very important that we heal the relationships with our parents in order to get closer to God and Mother Earth. This video focuses on deep forgiveness of our physical world father and of God the Father.

Day 19 – Being Powerful with God

Most of us are not even consciously aware of how terrified we are of our true power with God. So in this video, we open the pathway to becoming FAR more powerful with God. In truth, if we even glimpsed how awesome our real power is, we would never shed one more tear upon this planet. We would solve every problem here instantaneously and then move on to higher pursuits!! So it is incredibly important to become comfortable with how powerful we truly are (and all this power comes straight from God, so it is safe to use this power for our own and others’ highest good).

Day 20 – Releasing More Resistance to Opening Our Crown Chakra

At this point in the video series, further resistance arose. Erika Awakening cleared that resistance by creating this video, and now you can tap along with these life-changing EFT tapping sequences to release your resistance also.

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Day 21 – Letting Go of Idols for Crown Chakra Opening

Idols are the “false Gods” that we created out of ego consciousness to displace and replace God. They are the cause of all the world’s problems and most of our unhappiness. So we must release them in order to complete the crown chakra opening.

You may find after this video that you no longer care about having things like diamond engagement rings or other glittering but not ultimately very useful physical things. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other USEFUL things to invest your new financial abundance in … things that will serve you and the planet. Notice the feeling of liberation that comes as we let these idols go!

Day 22 – Letting Go of the Special Relationship for Crown Chakra Opening

The “special relationship” is the Hallmark version of love. Cheesy love poems, romantic movies, sexual exclusivity, jealousy, possessiveness, co-dependency … you know the drill … You feel sad when you don’t have it because “everyone else is doing it,” and you feel trapped when you do have it, because the special relationship IS HELL ON EARTH.

That’s not what we are going for in the Crown Chakra Opening Challenge. We want HEAVEN ON EARTH, so the special relationship must be relinquished to make way for the holy relationship. We can barely imagine the holy relationship because it is SO different than any relationship we’ve ever seen our parents or friends have. So here we clear blocks to letting God give us this new relationship. Get excited, when this holy relationship arrives it’s going to be amazing!!

Day 23 – More Releasing of Specialness to Open Our Crown Chakra

answered prayer, let go and let god, talk to God, relationship with God

answered prayer, let go and let god, talk to God, relationship with God

It is so vitally important to let go of specialness, which is the ego’s replacement for the love of God, that we devote another video to it here. The ego has convinced us that to be “special” is to be “loved” and “powerful.” But any honest person looking truthfully at the results of ego consciousness knows this is a sham.

Only by relinquishing our specialness can we reclaim the infinite love of God, which is the same for everyone. If you don’t understand yet what all of this means, don’t worry. Erika Awakening explains it and guides you step by step in the tapping videos to begin manifesting miracles in your life now.

Day 24 – Become a Powerful Healer through Crown Chakra Opening

Most healers are subconsciously scared of their power as healers. This may be due to past lifetimes where the consequences of being a healer were dire. Or it could just be from observing the negative outcomes that many healers and charismatic figures have encountered in our own lifetimes.

Either way, it is essential to clear these fears now if we would like to have a full Crown Chakra Opening. That is what we accomplish in this video.

Day 25 – Surrendering to the Will of God for Crown Chakra Opening

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If we try to do this the ego’s way, we are not going to return to God. So instead we surrender to God’s Will for us.

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Day 26 – Experiencing Completion in Our Crown Chakra Opening

One of our deepest unmet needs in this world is the need for completion. That is because ego consciousness makes completion and wholeness into a mirage, getting us to “chase” it where it doesn’t exist.

Erika Awakening guides you to rediscover your inner sense of completion in God, which nobody and nothing can take away from you once you have found it. Completion really means healing, and don’t be surprised if you experience physical healing and emotional healing as you tap along to the videos in this Crown Chakra Opening 30-Day Challenge.

Day 27 – Resolving Loose Ends with God for Crown Chakra Opening

meditation, answered prayer, relationship with God, crown chakra opening

Meditation combined with prayer, answered prayers

Most of us have some unresolved “issues” with God that must get resolved so we can experience a full crown chakra opening. In this video, Erika Awakening guides you through a tapping sequence designed to stir up and integrate these remaining questions, resentments, skepticism, and other frustrations in our relationship with God.

You will feel a much expanded sense of inner peace after tapping along to this video a few times. Just how big the shift is will probably really surprise you! :)

Day 28 – Let Go and Let God As We Open the Crown Chakra

It is so important that we surrender to the Divine Will of God for our lives. While we are in ego consciousness, “trying to do it all by ourselves,” we feel lonely and we struggle unnecessarily. At advanced levels of Holistic Belief Reprogramming, Erika Awakening’s students learn how to let go and let God in really big ways. This always leads to amazing miracles.

Tap along with Erika Awakening in this video to surrender, let go and let God, and discover the inner peace that comes from living in alignment with God’s Will for you.

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.

Day 29 – Uniting Our Will with the Will of God As We Complete the Crown Chakra Opening

By now, if you have tapped all the Crown Chakra Opening videos with commitment, you will probably be noticing some very profound shifts in your life. You may especially notice that your feelings of inner peace, happiness, and faith have increased substantially.

In this video, we unite our individual will with the Will of God so that we can fulfill our life purpose or dharma with effortless ease and perfect happiness and peace. Just wait until you see the miracles that result!

God loves you, God loves me, heart chakra opening, crown chakra opening

Crown chakra opening and balancing with the heart chakra

Day 30 – Gratitude and Integration Session for Completing Our Crown Chakra Opening

Wow, we are finished! After we got past that initial resistance, it went all too fast. In this concluding video, Erika Awakening helps you integrate the shifts from the other videos and we always close with some gratitude for everything in our lives.

Congratulations, now that you have tapped all 30 videos, you will be feeling more powerful, more centered, more peaceful … and now watch the miracles show up!


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles here at TAPsmarter

All Erika Awakening products are NON-refundable to ensure your full commitment and best results.